Abe at THREE months + Gus pics

It’s a little bit incredible how big this baby is getting. He’s chubby and delicious. He goes to bed by 7:30 every night, and doesn’t wake up until at least 4 or 5 most mornings (and then goes back to sleep after nursing). He almost never takes naps longer than half an hour or so. He loves books, and kicks his legs and squeals in delight when I read to him. He’s just starting to grab toys and shake them around. He studies people he doesn’t know well intently for a few seconds, then gives them giant grins. We’re all pretty into him.

I’m having a harder and harder time picking out pictures as he gets old enough to cooperate with photo shoots a bit more. No crying pictures this month! It was cloudy, so I had a bit of trouble getting a really sharp focus on some of these.

This month’s seal picture. He’s almost as long as the seal now!

More tummy time pics: cross eyed and drooling–very attractive, no?

I waited until later in the day (when the sun is on the nursery side of the room) and switched to my 50mm fixed lens for these next ones. I’ve tried using that lens before, but haven’t had any luck until today (I think every other picture of Abe posted here has been with the kit lens, oddly). But these I’m pretty pleased with, particularly the last one:

Someday I’ll get him to smile for the camera. He’s very serious about portraiture, apparently.

And it was Gus’ month for pictures. He’s kind of at that all teeth stage right now–with his grown-up front teeth in, but still little. I love his one side of his face freckles:


Abe at THREE months + Gus pics — 15 Comments

  1. Abe looks like he is doing the Hokey Pokey in the seal picture. He is a cutie! And when did Gus start looking so grown up?!

    • Thanks, Emma! I don’t know how much it was the lens and how much it was the better lighting later in the day…I need to work on becoming the kind of person who can tell which thing helped the most! The fixed 50mm is a cheapie, but a nice thing to have around. I get really lazy about switching lenses, though.

  2. I have some much in common with Abe, I just realized. I have the exact same dislikes 🙂 Well except for alone time. I love that. Dogs licking my face… so not my thing. I can totally relate 🙂

    Love all your portraits!!

  3. Wow, the pictures are gorgeous! The boys in real life are too, of course. I was looking at Ari yesterday and I thought, wow, he is in kind of a golden time right now. His hair and skin are all glowy and perfect. No wonder someone I know is all about him! 😉 I see a lot of Ari in today’s pictures of Gus. And i always see Milo expressions in Abe!

    Abe is the best, even if his amazing sleep habits make me want to weep at the unfairness of it all. I call dibs on holding him next time!

    • Thanks! I wish he could go back and time and teach my middle two how to sleep through the night earlier ;). First and fourth are my great sleepers…I guess 50% is pretty decent.

  4. He’s growing so fast! I love all of Abe’s serious expressions. 🙂 Nice catchlights in your photos with the 50 mm. Love Gus’ smiles showcasing his adult teeth. 🙂

  5. Abe is so cute with his serious little face! He’s getting big! Gus’ one side freckles are cute too. You are pretty good with that camera. They say a non zoom lens are supposed to be more sharp, so maybe it did help?

    • thanks :). Yeah, it’s weird…sometimes I get the best, sharpest pictures with that lens, and other times I just get all frustrated. I need to pull it out more, though. The other day I was contemplating buying a 35mm fixed lens, too, and trying to use mostly that for snapshots/house stuff and the 50mm for portraits/close ups of projects, etc. and weaning myself off zoom lenses. But there’s no budget for another lens right now, so that plan will have to wait!

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