Abe is Six Months Old!

In impossible to believe news, Abe is already six months old. Just a few months ago, he looked like this:

Now he sits up all the time, he has TWO TEETH (which I did not manage to get a picture of today), and he’s busting out of that white t-shirt he’s been wearing since his newborn pictures. In fact, we seem to have lost a button somewhere along the way. Next month we may have to leave the t-shirt behind. We also have lots of babbling going on, along with hearty baby chuckling at hilarious stuff like peek-a-boo. We celebrated his six month birthday with his first real attempt at eating solid food, and that event (which he seemed to have mixed feelings about, but he gave it a good try, at least) is well documented here.

He’s still sleeping beautifully at night, still sleeping irregularly during the day. It’s amazing how much more interactive he is now than a month ago. He suddenly finds the dogs and cats hilarious. He is suspicious of strangers. This is the first month he’s been all, “whoa! check out this awesome stuffed seal!” during his photo session :).

Also, it was finally a sunny 17th! So I had a lot more focused pictures to choose from. And that plus the milestoneyness of turning six months means there are lots of pictures this month. Lots. Here you go!

….and it was Milo’s turn for photos this month. Milo was not so excited about this. So we have a lot of very serious pictures and a couple of trying desperately not to smile pictures:


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    • Thanks, Katja! I really like the chair one, too…one of those pics that I just find really appealing even though I wouldn’t be able to put my finger on why.

  1. Happy 1/2 birthday Abe! So crazy how time flies! Beautiful photos this month – love all the different angles and the expressions you captured. My faves are the side profile pics and the ones of Abe trying solids that fill the whole frame.

    • Thanks, Anu! I couldn’t help noticing that the orange sweet potato and the blue dresser in the background make the eating pics a match for the nursery, too–although I promise that’s not why we started with sweet potato 😉

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