Abe at ONE AND A HALF! Also, other kids and a fence

(This was going to be a post about our trip again, but then it got late. Maybe because I was taking so many pictures of my one and a half year old. Next week!)

Abraham Barry is ONE AND A HALF! So that’s pretty crazy. I’ve had it in my head that 18 months is when they start to get some sense and become slightly less labor intensive, so I hope I’m right. The other day he climbed the steps and went down the slide at the park all by himself like 400 times in a row, so that’s promising.

Abe had a bout of hand, foot, and mouth disease (our first time for that despite the four kids!) last week, but the scabs were kind enough to mostly heal up in time for his pictures. TMI? Anyway.

One and a half year old Abe is a super social baby. He says “hi!” and “bye!” repeatedly and relentlessly to everyone he meets. He’s great at hugs and kisses and petting dogs. His love of doors has been replaced by a love of keys and finding places to stick them (keyholes are great, but any crevice, crack, or hole will do). He’s a great singer and dancer. He “dances” in his car seat by bouncing up and down against the straps as much as he can manage. He’ll listen to any music, but he’s just discovered Laurie Berkner, and he’s a very big fan.

He was in a very good mood for this month’s photo shoot in the chair, but that didn’t translate to being very still.  But smiley! abe18months04small

So then we went outside, where I got my very favorite picture:


And THEN I was all, “this fence is the best photo backdrop EVER! Why have I not been taking pictures of all the kids here every single day?!”

So I made them all come over for pictures:

gusjuly02small gusjuly01small milojuly01small milojuly02small arijuly01small arijuly02small

Then we went swimming at my mom’s, and I took a couple more of the half birthday boy:

abe18months11small abe18months10small


And with that giant photo spew, I’m done! Also, I think I’m done with monthly (blog) photos of Abe, now that’s he’s SO GROWN UP! I’m thinking an every 3 months or so check in might make more sense at this point. Also, I think I’m going to have to give in and get this boy’s hair cut pretty soon. It’s in his eyes all the time. Like a sheepdog.


Abe at ONE AND A HALF! Also, other kids and a fence — 26 Comments

    • Thanks, Cassie! I feel like the fact that Abe is actually a fairly happy baby gets lost in pictures, because he’s so much more still when he’s serious and I get better pictures 🙂

  1. You have some cuties & love the fence backdrop. That HFM is no joke, either. My oldest had it around Abe’s age…NO FUN!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. You have the most gorgeous kids! And yes! on the fence background. About cutting that hair–I’m sure you already know this from your other boys, but when you finally break down and do it, he will look so much older. I say keep it long as long as you can. 🙂

  3. Very cute! Love that you took photos of all the boys in front of the fence. I still haven’t cut my youngest’s hair. He doesn’t have nearly as much hair though. 🙂

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