Abe at Seventeen Months


Look at that crazy toddler! He looks all calm and charming in that picture, but what’s going on is that the camera is the only thing that can make him appear still. I’m not sure if Abe is more nuts than my other toddlers or if I just blocked those memories. Probably the latter. I suspect he’s pretty normal, but normal toddlers are kind of exhausting.

And adorable.

He loves elevators. Dave says it’s because they have three of the things he’s most fond of: doors, buttons, and beeping. He loves swinging, which goes well with that new swing we just hung up for him. He knows lots of animal sounds, but he thinks it’s really funny to say “MOO!” every time when you ask him what anything says. If you ask him what one plus one is, he shouts, “TWO!” and we’re all pretty tickled with this trick of his.

It’s amazing how surefooted he’s become in such a short time. I remember when we first started building the swing set–so just two months ago–he couldn’t walk across the bumpy, unlevel yard without holding someone’s hand. Now he’s more or less running.

Seventeen months on the seventeenth. Next month he’ll be a whole year and a half. Eek!

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Abe at Seventeen Months — 13 Comments

  1. Love Abe. He is the cutest. Love your math trick. In reality you could probably give him even more complicated things to solve as long as they add up to two. Like what is 89 minus 87. I am sure he would get it right 🙂

    • lol–I tried this right after I read your comment, but he just looked at me like I was crazy ;). I think a little more coaching will be required for advanced baby math tricks

  2. He is a doll Gretchen…seriously! He and Norah could have a blast together because she just exhausts me!!!! Always on the go and me chasing after her! Enjoy every second with that sweetness! And have a great weekend friend! Nicole xoxo

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