Abe’s National Parks Room Progress Report

I recently declared that finishing up Abe’s room is our official April project around here. And then April proceeded to kind of get away from me a bit.

That sort of thing happens to me a lot.

But! I have TWO essential components for finishing Abe’s room on the way to me right now and big plans to work on some essential DIY components this weekend, so we’re actually more or less on track to finish at least very close to on time.

And we made a couple of small changes last weekend that I’m talk about today before presenting you with a fun poll that involves gawking at adorable fabric from Spoonflower.

(I would also like to pat myself on the back for getting two blog posts up in one week for the first time in recent memory. AND, in addition to this amazing feat, I wrote two blog posts for the travel blog, too, all about our spring break trip to Mammoth Cave and St. Louis).

Small change #1: Now that the enormous tent is out of here (more on where that went in another post sometime), we had room to move in this chair that used to be in the office. I’d always kind of wanted it in here, but there was no way to fit it in before:

sauder chair and navy campaign chest

I like the idea of having a chair for reading in all kid rooms and now all my kids’ rooms have one. If you missed the post about the little campaign chest, you can find it here. Now I just need to find a lamp to go on the chest. One of the mystery items that’s on its way to us right now will hang on the wall above the chair and chest.

Small change #2: Abe’s bed is made so that it can be adjusted to two different height levels. When we got it last year, we set it up at the lower level, since Abe was still just two, and it was very, very low:

Novogratz Bright Pop bed from Wal-mart

It was so low that on the rare occasions when he fell out of bed, it was more like rolling over than really falling.

But he’s a big grown up boy of three now, so we decided it was time to raise the bed up so that it would look more like a regular bed:


Also so that we could store some toys under there, since the closet is getting a wee bit crowded. Abe likes toys. Oh! And we finally hung the bison back up again!

Incidentally, we’re about nine months in to life with this Novogratz bed, and I can heartily endorse it. We’ve had no issues with it (i.e. it handles toddler abuse well), and I still absolutely love how it looks in here.

I had to take these pictures with Abe around, so we wound up with a lot of fun shots like this. Ghost Abe!


The list of things to do in Abe’s room is getting encouragingly short.

*hang things on the walls!

*make surprise diy project

*make surprise diy project #2

*couple more throw pillows

*pick out a lamp and purchase it

*repaint and redo the fabric on the bookcase

So about that last one. We’ve had this bookcase since Ari was a baby, and it was one of our projects for Abe’s nursery way back before he was born:

My affection for the squid fabric has not waned, but squids don’t really mesh with the new decor in Abe’s room.

So I’ve been poking around on Spoonflower, and I have a few finalists for the replacement fabric. I present them to you now for your perusal and feedback.

spoonflower fabric choices National Parks room

call of the wild / geo bear / stacked / max’s mountains / see america first / grey mountain


You can see that we kind of have a thing with triangles in here right now. I’ll probably paint the shelf dark gray. There’s also a possibility I’ll do something super crazy like buy more than one of these fabrics and make a pillow or two in addition to recovering the back of the bookcase. Because it’s going to be hard to decide!


Abe’s National Parks Room Progress Report — 15 Comments

    • He only uses it for about half the night before he climbs in bed with us still (sigh), so you could probably share ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Geo bear! Geo bear! Geo bear! (I like call of the wild somewhat, but I don’t think it would show through the shelves very well. Pillow.) (You bad woman, tempting me to look at Spoonflower fabric when I haveโ€ฆa lot?โ€ฆof fabric sitting upstairs waiting to be turned into clothes.)
    Congratulations on the progress!

  2. I like Geo Bear, if you paint the shelf grey, and I LOVE Grey Mountain if you don’t, although, I don’t know the pattern repeat and the shelf placement may break the pattern up too much. But, it would also make a great pillow. I think they are a tad more mature and may stand the test of time with a growing boy.

  3. I found your blog through Cassie’s blog and wow, I love this room. The green wall color is amazing! I just literally made over a campaign nightstand for my sons room makeover, that I painted a very very similar blue to your chest!

    I also love the geo bear and max’s mountains!

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