Abe’s National Parks Room: Updates Already

National Parks themed boys room with pillows and poster from Uncommon Goods

I can’t leave Abe’s room alone.

I posted the reveal back in August, but I’d been working on the room for a full year before that, on and off, and apparently I can’t quite shake the habit. Also I wanted more pillows. I always intended to have more fun pillows on Abe’s bed than the couple that were around for the big reveal, but then everything else was finished, and it seemed silly to keep putting off showing the whole room, so I did…but I always figured I’d add a couple more pillows down the road.

So when Uncommon Goods reached about to me about sending me some things from their home decor collection, I immediately said, “yes, please. Pillows. And also a National Parks map.” More on that in a minute.

I’ve been a big Uncommon Goods fan and catalog receiver for a long time now. They’re one of my go-tos for Christmas gifts, especially for people who tend to be a little harder to shop for. Because, as the name suggests, their products tend toward the quirky and unusual. The uncommon, you might say.

I also love that Uncommon Goods is dedicated to supporting artists and designers; half of everything they sell is handmade, and you can read on their website about the people who designed whatever it is you’re ordering (and everything I got came with a nifty little card telling me all about the artists). AND! They donate $1 to a non-profit of your choice every time you make a purchase, through their Better to Give program; they’ve donated more than $1 million since the program started twelve years ago. In short, fabulous products and an awesome company.

I’m eyeing some of their stocking stuffers for my difficult to shop for older children and maybe some “math glasses” for my geeky husband from the selection of gifts for dad.

I picked out two pillows: this vintage camera pillow:

vintage camera pillow from uncommon goods in National Parks kids room

I let Abe pick it out, and he went with the “instant shooter.” I was kind of rooting for “the tourist” because it looks the most like my camera, but clearly Abe is a decorating genius, because I didn’t even realize until I was looking at the pictures just now how the stripes on the camera echo the stripes on his blanket:

national parks kids room

I like to play around with the National Parks theme in here; it’s not all mountains and bison….sometimes it’s Abraham Lincoln or a cool camera with which one might take photos of one’s National Parks visits.

But my other choice, the Illustrated Land Pillow, is much more nature oriented:



Perfect in here, isn’t it?

And then the last thing I picked out is this National Parks Explorer Map that I’ve had my eye on since way back when I started the room. But then I didn’t think we had a place for it, because there’s really a lot going on on the walls in here. Except in that space right above the bed. It kind of bugged me that it didn’t have anything awesome, and also what’s a National Parks room, really, if you don’t have a way to brag about all the National Parks you’ve gone to? So:

uncommon03s national parks room with uncommon goods national parks explorer map

It comes with a sheet of stickers that you can use to mark off all the National Parks you’ve visited. So far Abe only has the Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, and Mammoth Cave. But, to be fair, he’s only 3 1/2. Also, he’s going to knock out a whole bunch of them next summer on our massive road trip. I just have to be careful not to lose the sheet of stickers. Hint to future self: it’s in the basket on the top shelf of his closet.


And now I’m finished! No more updates EVER! Ha. I actually have a big horn sheep lamp that I picked up on super clearance at Target that I came very close to putting in here. But I won’t! Because it’s for my den. The other never ending room makeover that’s going on in our house.

Thanks to Uncommon Goods for partnering with me on this post! I was provided with the pillows and poster free of charge, but was not otherwise compensated and, of course, all opinions are my own.





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    • Thanks, Stephanie! I think the way we have it hung up right now, taping the stickers on would be too thick and wouldn’t work….but it actually keeps falling off the wall with the masking tape, because it’s a pretty heavy paper, so we’ll probably need to do some kind a frame for it, and then that might be perfect 🙂

  1. I love the parks map the most! (I love all maps. All, whether they have stickers or not.) Seriously, is the southeast that devoid of National Parks? Is that because we have so many state parks?

    • I think it’s probably mostly that the east already had a lot of people everywhere by the time they got around to making national parks. I’m trying to figure out if we can fit in Congaree in SC on our way to or from Charleston next spring….it’s so close; we need that sticker!

  2. Abe’s room looks so wonderful! Totally makes me want to see more places. Can’t wait to hear more about your massive trip!

  3. Love that the blanket is an historic replica of the Canadian Hudson Bay blanket! So iconic of our continent’s exploration that led to the creation of national parks, both in Canada and USA!

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