Abe’s Vintage Fisher Price Little People Collection and Wishlist

When I was a kid, Fisher Price Little People were, hands down, my very favorite toys for a very long time. My mom was (and is) an excellent garage saler, so we had a huge collection of the stuff. My brother and I would dump all the accessories into a big pile in the floor and then take turns choosing pieces one by one until they were all accounted for. We called them our “people stuff.”

But my mom’s house is low on storage space (and my mom is, perhaps, lower on nostalgia than I am), so all the Little People were long gone by the time my own kids came along. But my immense love for Little People never died. I used to sell a lot on ebay and, consequently, go to a lot of garage sales back when we lived in Boston. And I started picking up Little People stuff when I came across it….you know, for my future kids. Sure. For the kids.

But my first batch of kids just wasn’t all that into the Little People collection I had lovingly assembled for them. They liked it okay. When Milo was little, we kept all the toys he might choke on in the big walk-in closet in Ari’s room, and toddler Ari referred to it as “my choking hazard closet.” But he never spent that much time playing with his adorable vintage choking hazards. He actually preferred new, non-choking hazard style Little People, which everyone knows are NOT AS GOOD. Well, Ari didn’t know it.

Anyway, though, I never had any intention of parting with my Little People, even though we didn’t know if we’d have any more kids after Gus. So as soon as Abe hit three and was therefore old enough to know not to eat the Little People, I started pulling everything out of the basement for him.

And so far?

He LOVES it all! Yay! Fourth time’s a charm, right? Really, it’s hard to say if Abe’s love for the Little People will last as long as mine has, but for now he’s having a blast with everything. He says things like, “Thank you for my school and my castle and my airplane and my mail truck” and he plays and plays and plays. It’s adorable:

littlepeople02s littlepeople01s

Right now he has the castle:


This was by far my best Little People thrift score. I found it, complete with all the accessories, for $5 at a church yard sale outside of Boston. The dragon’s tail didn’t used to be broken. And I’m not sure how we ended up with two queens. It’s a very progressive sort of kingdom, I guess.

The school:


So I found the school at a thrift score for just a couple of dollars (and the bus somewhere sometime; don’t remember the details there), but it didn’t have any of the accessories with it. I just went on ebay a couple of weeks ago and paid way too much to buy the people and desks and playground equipment. I must not make a habit of this. But what’s a school with no desks or playground?!

The house:


The rather beat-up barn:


Airport and airplane (there an older version of the airport that I like better, but beggars can’t be choosers). Not that Bert and the King are in there buying tickets. Wonder where they’re going?:


And the Sesame Street apartment building:


For some reason, we have two of most of the Sesame Street stuff: two Big Birds, two Cookie Monsters, two TVs, two each of Bert and Ernie’s beds, and two Mr. Hoopers to run the store and lunch counter (but only one Bert and one Ernie. And NO Count!):


There’s a houseboat that you can see in one of the pictures of Abe playing, and a somewhat broken pop-up camper and somewhat more broken ferris wheel, too.

And, of course, a big pile of random stuff:


Oh, and Fergus likes to hang out with us while we play Little People:


It’s a fairly extensive collection, and it’s already bigger than what his room can really handle (we need to clear out some of the baby toys and books he’s outgrown, and then I think it will be in better shape in there)….but I still think he needs MORE.

I mean, obviously he needs the A-frame; his grandmother lives in an A-frame!

And he would really get into the garage right about now, what with ramps AND an elevator.

The village was always my VERY FAVORITE so I he needs that, too.

And the camper. Duh.

I really liked the nursery school, too. I mean, what’s not to like? The roof turns into a playground!

I could keep going. But I think once I get all those sets for Abe, anything else would just be a nice bonus.

Now all I have to do is take on an extra job to finance the purchase of all of these sets off of ebay. Or luck out and walk into a thrift store one day just as they’re putting out someone’s entire childhood collection of Little People. Fingers crossed.

Putting together a collection of Vintage Fisher Price Little People for an appreciative toddler


Abe’s Vintage Fisher Price Little People Collection and Wishlist — 16 Comments

  1. I loved the house when I was a kid. And the barn. And all of it. (You also need the parking garage.) I bought my kids the new stuff when they were little, and I was also disappointed when they didn’t take to it. Your collection is awesome. Almost as awesome as “my choking hazard closet.” Nothing tops that for my lunchtime reading today. 🙂

    • We definitely need the parking garage! I feel like I should probably buy it immediately, in fact, because I think of it more as a younger toddler toy….the elevator and ramps are fun, but there’s not that much real pretending you can do about the little people parking their cars….

  2. This is my childhood. I had the Sesame Street set and lost my Count once. I kept walking around crying, “Lick a luck! Lick a luck!” My family had no idea what I was looking for. We finally found the Count and my family realized “Lick a luck” must have been “Dracula.” Fond memories!

    In my basement, we have the McDonalds set, a treehouse, a carnival, and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My boys didn’t play with them, but maybe my grandkids will! I also have saved my whole set of My Little Ponies (the originals) and Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

    From my boys’ toys, we kept the Thomas trains and LEGOs as our heirlooms. I hope they treasure these someday!

  3. I loved little people growing up! We had a brown house, airport and airplane (with a broken door lol), and the barn. I’ve never seen the castle before. We also had a grocery store i think with a gas station. I remember getting the Mcdonald’s… I wanted it soo bad! Great post!

  4. I love that you have wish lists for this, you crack me up. My papa (Henry’s great grandpa) has the barn and people/animals and we have all played with it. and it’s still the first thing that Henry picks out when we visit so it definitely has some appeal.

  5. I know I’m a little late to the party, but I also LOVE the FP Little People! There is a third part to the Sesame Street collection. It has a tire swing, a people scooter on the top (with a crank handle), a spiral slide and several loose playground pieces. The Count, Grover, Big Bird all came with that set.

    • I’ve seen that one! I vaguely remember it from when I was a kid, but I don’t think it was at my house; I think it was one of my cousin’s….

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