Another Edition of Thrift Finds

I like to do these every now and then because we haven’t gotten any projects finished around here I like to see what other people find out thrifting, and it seems likely I’m not the only one who’s like that.

This round-up is special because it’s mostly stuff other people found for me. One of the few things as exciting as spotting something amazing at the thrift store yourself is having a friend text you a picture of brass dachshund bookends and ask if you’d like her to grab them for you. Umm, yes please!

brass dachshund bookends

My friend Kristi spotted these. Look–the dachshunds are eating the books! Naughty puppies!

brass dachshund eating book

And then, a couple of days later, my friend Tracy found these unicorns at a garage sale. For like nothing! Or a dollar!

brass unicorns

One special thing I did with these things is actually find place for them right away instead of sticking them in the basement or on the overcrowded mantel in my den/storage place for thrift store finds because we haven’t done any decorating in there yet. So they’re all in the sunroom now. The unicorns are hanging out with the Fancy Lady because there are few things fancier than unicorns.

And my mom picked up another dachshund for me at Goodwill, to go with my vintage planter collection for the master bathroom that will never ever be finished. I dreamed about my master bathroom last night, I just remembered. I’ll have to try to remember the dream better and see if there were any good ideas in there.

vintage dachshund planter

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but he’s huge!

So I’m a little embarrassed about the things I found myself, because I feel like they pale in comparison to the things other people found. But anyway.

I found this brass koi candlestick. This might have been a post about getting the green stuff off of old brass, except I didn’t have much luck with the things I tried. So I guess we’ll just go with the green stuff adds character?

brass koi candlestick

I’m pretty in love with this little gold rimmed glass bowl. It has such a fun shape:

gold rimmed glass bowl

And then I got these Libbey gold leaf ice buckets. I almost didn’t, but I’d never seen the ice buckets in this pattern before, so I was intrigued. Turns out ebay sees a lot of the ice buckets. But the good news is I can pick up the tumblers to go with them pretty much anywhere, and I like them even if they are ubiquitous. I think I remember Don and Betty having these on an early season of Mad Men, but I can’t find a screen shot to confirm.

libbey gold leaf ice buckets


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    • There are a bunch on ebay, it looks like! I’d never seen one, either, but there seem to be a lot of them out there 🙂

  1. Super stellar finds here lady! I have not been out thrifting in a while but I feel a calling to do so after your post! Those bookends are fabulous! Happy week you! Nicole xo

  2. Oh my goldness what incredible finds!! I love a good post about your thrifiting even if someone does it for you! 😉

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