Basement Movie and Game Room AGAIN: The Final Reveal!


Update 3/26/2017: you can see some updates to the room here.

To review: we first started working on the basement back in the fall, as part of a Fall in Love room makeover that we did with a bunch of other bloggers. We only had six weeks to work on it then, and we managed to get a functional room out of a completely unfinished basement in that time, so I was pretty pleased with us.

But there were still many unfinished projects before we were ready to call the room done, and we’ve been working tirelessly sometimes on those ever since.

And now we’re finally ready for basement reveal #2! That’s right–why have one room reveal when you could “reveal” the same room twice?!

(It occurs to me that people who blog about nearly ever tiny room project as they go along probably shouldn’t get to use the word “reveal” so freely. Eh–whatever. REVEAL!!!!!)

So here I’m going to give you lots of pictures of the finished room, links back to all the projects along the way, and a source list. Eventually I’ll also talk about what’s next for the basement, but that stuff up there already sounds like a lot, so probably in another post.

Here’s where we started:


And here’s the same view today:

Budget basement game and movie room

It’s a little different.

The goal for this room was to make a fun space for the kids (and us) that was also super functional. And I’m impressed with all the multi-tasking this room is doing. There’s the space for watching movies or playing video games on the projector screen, tons of storage for games, the table for playing board games, the foosball table, AND the whole thing doubles as a guest room since the futon’s in there (eventually I’d like to replace the futon with a sleeper sofa; I’m going to start keeping an eye out for one on Craigslist. And then if we hold onto the futon and just toss the frame, there’ll be room to put it on the floor in there even with a sleeper sofa open, so we could sleep up to four people in there).

There are a couple of new things in here that I haven’t posted about before (REVEAL!!!!). I mentioned at some point that that far wall was looking a little sad and empty, so I got that map tapestry from Urban Outfitters to hang there. We used these (affililate link)  Velcro Industrial Strength Coins to hang it. They say they’re not recommended for fabric, but they’re holding up fine so far (three or four weeks in). So one of the circles sticks to the wall and one to the fabric, and then the velcro holds them together. We spaced four of them along the top edge:
velcro for hanging tapestry

And then we bought these blinds from Ikea for the windows. They’re completely utilitarian/not pretty at all (and, sadly, not quite as wide as we had hoped)…they’ll be up all the time except when we’re watching a movie when it’s still light outside:

inexpensive black out blinds from Ikea

And now a tour around the room, with links to all the projects:

basement room with plywood game table, foosball table, and Urban Outfitters map tapestry

This side of the room has the plywood game table we built, the Craigslist chairs we painted, and the thrifted foosball table.

The paint color (walls and trim) is Benjamin Moore’s Newburg Green. Here’s the post about how we did the floor with a stain from Sherwin Williams. I said I’d update about how the floors were holding up (we were a little concerned about them because we didn’t do anything but clean them really well before painting, and we didn’t use any kind of topcoat)… far, so good! We’ve moved furniture in and out of here a ton, and I haven’t noticed any scratches or chipped paint yet. The only issues are where we dripped paint on it ourselves, because it would have made more sense to paint the walls first.


basement movie room with diy plywood shelves and projector screen

Looking back this way we see the whitewashed plank wall and one of the two doors we hung. We made the projector screen out of blackout fabric and built the shelves out of the same birch plywood as the table. The movie posters come from my days working at a movie theater in college.

finalbasement07s guitars in nook red dinosaur

Our friend the dinosaur could really use some kind of stand to help hold him up; he’s quite wobbly (but still, of course, a terrifying carnivore).

futon, target poufs, and doctor who throw

There’s a basket of Ikea throws next to the futon (and a Doctor Who throw from Zulily ON  the futon). The basement isn’t heated (except for a space heater), so it can get a little chilly in winter. Those poufs were on clearance at Target after Christmas. The rug is actually two rugs next to each other, and they’re from Ikea. And nice and shaggy.


Dave made these little shelves from scrap plywood for the speakers.


And we bought projector wall mount thing (affiliate link) awhile back for the projector.

And that’s all my pictures!

A Movie and Game Room for the basement: see how the room went from unfinished space to great teen or kid hangout space on a tight budget. Lots of DIY projects!

And here’s a source list for you:

Paint: Benjamin Moore’s Newburg Green

Floor stain: Sherwin Williams

Blinds: Ikea

Poufs: Target

Rug: Ikea

Doctor Who Throw: Zulily

Other Throws and pillows: Ikea

Chairs next to futon: Ikea

Table and shelves: DIY from Purebond birch plywood

table chairs: Craigslist

foosball table: thrifted

map tapestry: Urban Outfitters

….and with that, I’m more than ready to move on from the basement! Next up, I’ll be talking about OTHER parts of the house!

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  1. Such a huge transformation. I love the addition of the tapestry! This gives me hope for our basement(s)… they look about the same as your before picture and that alone keeps me unmotivated to spruce them up! This was a ton of work and it must feel so nice to be reaping the rewards now!

  2. This room is so so great. I love what you turned this space into. You definitely had a vision. Looking at that before picture, and then the after picture REALLY shows your vision. You guys did a really great job. What a fun place for you and your family to hang out. It’s so industrial and fun.

  3. What I love about your space are the different areas for doing! The table and chairs and the storage under your screen are wonderful! And the colors and accessories you went with keeps the space sleek, cool, and fresh! It doesn’t feel like basement as there is so much color and light! Beautiful job friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. Gretchen, it’s been so fun to see you guys make this a usable and awesome space for your family! The Newburg Green walls are just gorgeous I think, perfect for a movie-viewing room. I like the addition of the map wall hanging too, that is a great idea to fill up a huge wall. Such a fun room!

  5. Whoa – you would never know that it’s even the same space. I love that map tapestry and the color that you chose for your walls. Your family owes you for creating such a cool hangout spot! Thanks for sharing your project on Best of the Nest!

  6. Hi great room but was wondering…. isn’t that your furnace running all over your ceiling. If so you should be able to get a vent or two to warm up the room. Just curious. Have fun and many family made memories.

    • Hmm….good point! Adding vents is beyond our DIY capabilities, and we’ve never looked in to what having someone else do it would cost, but we probably should.

  7. I like the rug you give a cozy look to the area and makes it so inviting. Wish you had a picture of it when you changed to the new sectional sofa. Bet it is even nicer feeling of coziness.

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