More Bathroom Teasing, plus Talk about Accessories

What I’m trying to do here, see, is to string this out until I have an actual finished bathroom to show you. I’m not sure if it will work. But the idea is that, once the painting’s finally finished, everything else will come together quickly since Dave will be all finished with school. And I can do a real room reveal, wherein there’s a bunch of stuff that I didn’t already blog about piece by piece and you’ll be all SURPRISED! Surprises are so fun.

Today I don’t have much choice anyway, since things are kind of in a holding pattern until school’s out, and there’s not much new to blog about.

But we did hang up a towel bar and a picture, so you get to see those because it’s a way to transition into talking about bathroom accessories. Which is what I’m doing today.


Another finished corner! Slow and steady, am I right?

(Ignore that towel. We need to buy new towels. I just put that one there so you could see how our new towel holder works).

We ordered the (affiliate link) towel rack from Amazon, and it took around two weeks to get here, since it was coming from China. Fortunately, we’re not a in a hurry!

Here it is without the towel on it. It’s a little crooked….by which I mean the towel holding part does not line up precisely with the part that attaches to the wall. This drives me a little crazy in this picture, but I’m hoping it won’t bother me most of the time in real life, because there will be a towel on it:

antique brass towel rack

That painting is one I got at a garage sale years and years ago. It’s called “The Fashion Show.” I love it, but I’ve never had somewhere to put it in this house before.

So I mentioned before that I’ve been sort of shocked and appalled by just how many bathroom accessories one must buy, if one is replacing all of one’s bathroom accessories.

So far we’ve bought:


*toilet paper holder

*three towel racks (that’s right–there are MORE that I haven’t shown you yet!)

*outlet and light switch covers

*overhead lights (a long time ago; I talked about it here)

*shower curtain


And we still need to pick out and buy:

*pulls for the cabinet doors and drawers


*bath mat

*more fixtures for the tub and shower eventually


*assorted little pretty things that I haven’t thought of yet


So. Yeah.

With everything we’ve picked out, I’ve gone through this “should I splurge on this part or not?” thought process. And every time I’ve come down on the side of not really splurging. Part of my thinking on this was, “There are SO MANY THINGS! This is going to cost a million dollars!” But another part of my thinking was that it’s pretty rare that I see a bathroom I love and that it’s the towel rack that really makes it stand out to me, you know? It’s never the first thing I notice. Accessories are kind of supporting players, so every time I considered something really expensive it just didn’t seem worth it in the end.

But we didn’t go the super cheapest route for most things, either (the faucets are a notable exception. They’re not here yet. I hope they’re okay. Because they were super cheap). I’ll use the towel rack as an example, since that’s the only thing you can see. I paid $32 for it, which seemed like a lot to me when I first found it. But a very, very basic black towel rack at Home Depot costs around $15, and, I decided, I DID like my $32 one $17 more than that one. So that’s how we compromised. I looked all over for things that were relatively cheap but still had something a little special about them. And I’m in love with my crooked towel rack, so so far that’s working for us.

You know what I should maybe splurge on? Towels. Because I bet splurgey towels are actually comfier than cheap towels. Who has awesome towels to recommend to me!?






More Bathroom Teasing, plus Talk about Accessories — 17 Comments

  1. i was shocked at how pricey things like towel bars and toilet paper holders can be when i was looking for our guest bath. and thanks for putting the towel on the towel bar- i was really confused how it would work. the staging helped. 😉

  2. The bathroom is looking quite stylish. We also ran into the whole bathrooms are kind of high maintenance in the accessory department. As for towels, we bought new ones last year but I’m too lazy to go look at the brand now. I think we got them at JCPenneys. We just wandered around feeling all of the towels until we had a winner. Definitely a good investment.

  3. I love ikea’s white towels — though I’m not sure what they are called. I buy the nicer ones I think; but I only pick up a couple each time that I go. I feel like that makes them less splurge-y; even though really they are quite affordable. I especially like that they come with a small fabric loop to use for hanging on hooks.

    Also, I have had that same conversation in my head about that same towel bar on Amazon about a million times. And the coordinating toilet paper holder. But, still haven’t pulled the trigger.

  4. Ugh – the “splurge” debate. I hate that debate. I’m having it a lot lately. I really like your towel bar – really unique.

  5. If you’re wanting to really splurge on towels, I highly recommend Restoration Hardware towels. They are out of this world. One day when my ship comes in I plan to buy my own set! And I can’t wait to see the rest of the space! It looks great already!

    • ooh…I don’t know that I’ve ever bought anything from Restoration Hardware. Towels might be about the only thing there within my grasp 🙂

  6. I like the llbean textured cotton towels. They’re not very fancy looking but I enjoy using them. Maybe the diamond sculpted towels are the same thing with a little more visual oomph.

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