A Big Announcement, a Small Announcement, and a Little More Christmas

The Big Announcement: I started a new blog! Katja, from ShiftCtrlArt, who designed my header that you see up top here, put some wheels on my house for me. Because our trailer is boxy, too! If we ever buy an Airstream, I guess I’ll have to change it:



I mean, in addition to this one, not in place of it. I’ve been going back and forth about whether to start a second blog for travel and RVing posts for a long time, and I finally did it. I talked about it here a little awhile back, and a few people were kind of to tell me they enjoy the travel posts and don’t mind them sharing space here. I very much appreciate that, but I also know that a lot of people who are here for house stuff just don’t have a whole lot of interest in travel posts. And that’s okay! There’s no reason why they should!

I also was starting to feel a little constrained by having everything here….like I’d want to say SO MANY THINGS about trips, but I’d find myself trying to fit two posts worth of stuff into one post because this isn’t supposed to be a travel blog. So a travel blog means I get to blather on FOREVER! Yay! I think I’m really selling all of you on checking out my long winded travel blog here.

Besides my usual rambling, what can you expect over there? Posts about all the places we go, with attempts at both pretty pictures, amusing anecdotes, and actual helpful information that other people can use in their own trip planning. Also general posts about travel and RVing–planning, gear, making the trailer pretty (I hope. Someday)….that sort of thing.

If you’d like to take a look, it’s called Boxy Colonial On the Road, which, I figure, is hard to type but easy to remember. The first two posts, about our trip to Nashville back in October, are up now, and pretty soon they’ll be joined by posts about our recent trip to Savannah. There’s also an instagram feed: BCOntheRoad (so from now on pictures from home will go in the old feed; pictures from away will go in the new one. You probably want to follow both, so that you don’t miss anything ;)) and a facebook page. And I put a link up there in the menu bar that goes directly to the other blog. So it should be very easy for everyone to follow both, or to follow whichever blog interests them and ignore the other one.

Savannah preview: the trees all look like this!


The Small Announcement: I’m taking the next couple of weeks off for family and holiday stuff, so this will be my last post until I come back round about the 1st of January for all the usual end of the year recapping and looking ahead to 2016 stuff. We won’t be taking a break from house stuff, though (umm, I hope) (and I also plan to put up a few new posts on the new blog, since I’ve already done the things I need to write about for that). We’ve got one project in the works right now, and we’re planning to start knocking stuff out right and left in the den while Dave’s off work/school, too. I’m very excited about starting off 2016 with a (finally!) finished den.

A Little More Christmas: I can’t seem to stop tinkering. I decided the bowl of ornaments on the table in the sunroom was one too many bowls of ornaments, so I put some of the Christmas village in it instead. With NO dinosaurs! I know–weird, right?


And when we got our new white Christmas tree for the library, I let Abe have the old silver tinsel tree for his room (the other kids also have little tabletop trees in their rooms this year. It’s so festive ALL OVER THE HOUSE!):


He goes over to his friends’ house every week (while I’m doing a class here for Ari and some other older kids), and they’ve been doing lots of crafts. Like this ridiculously cute Christmas ornament:


See? It’s like it’s snowing! The real forecast here is 73 with a chance of rain on Christmas, which sort of makes me want to cry. Instead I’ll stay inside and gaze at Abe’s ornament and pretend the weather’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

So with that, Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to everyone, and I’ll see you back here in January (or a day or two before that, depending on how things are going :)).



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  1. I’m not here for the house, or for the travel; I’m here for you blathering on forever! So yay! More yay!
    (I came for the house; I stayed because I love to listen to you talk.)

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