Build, Organize, and Party!

I have three quick things today, as suggested by that title.

1. I continue to be obsessed with things one can build out of plywood, especially out of one sheet of plywood. I came across this book (affiliate link), from way back in 1987, called From One Sheet of Plywood, apparently written by a guy who had the same obsession. I might have to buy it because it’s only 41 cents.

I have some ideas about a playroom for Abe just beginning to think about forming (forming out of plywood, that is). I’ll tell you more in….I dunno…November or so.

2. I understand that January is a time of year when people want to get their houses all organized and whatnot. In honor of this, I put together a board with a bunch of kid closet organization ideas over on Hometalk. I’m inspiring myself to add “make Abe’s closet 1000% more functional” to this year’s goal list. Right now he likes to keep his potty in his closet, for some reason, but that doesn’t seem like the most efficient use of space:

Kid Closet Organization Ideas on Hometalk

3. August turned nine way back at the beginning of December, but we didn’t get around to having his party until this past weekend. August is a child who really, really, REALLY loves having a birthday party. I made a collage to show his mounting exciting about his cake, complete with nearly setting his hair on fire (Gus says he wants to keep growing his hair so that he can braid it all the way down his back. It’s his hair, and I’m not going to fight him about it or anything, but…I won’t be sad if he changes his mind):



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  1. My son changed his mind with his hair 😉 and my husband was so glad. Looks like he almost burned his hair though! Happy belated birthday!

  2. I can’t wait see more of your plywood obsession… I have no doubt it will rock!! And how happy does Gus look up there! Keep the inspiration and creating coming!!! Nicole xo

  3. I love that Abe likes to keep the potty in his closet. I don’t know why this strikes me as hilarious. But probably something god o with the fact that my child refuses to acknowledge the potty even exists.


    • I think we stuck it in there one day when someone else was using the actual bathroom, and now he thinks it belongs in there 🙂

  4. I’ve got a guy who is similarly smitten with plywood. I think he’d make anything out of it. Lucky me. (For reals. I love our over-sized kitchen table and benches.)

    And that hair is awesome!

  5. I just noticed that he’s blowing out candles on a single piece of cake. Are you a germaphobe or just really genius? Because that’s a pretty brilliant move for the rest of the people at that party. Yep totally took randomness (but random awesomeness) away from today’s post.

  6. Please tell me that you’ll be sharing a “how to organize your entire closet with a single sheet of plywood” post. Because that would be epic. Almost as epic as that hair.

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