A Modern End Table for the Basement from Sauder

Thanks to Sauder for sponsoring this post! We declared the basement finished a few weeks ago, but, of course, nothing is ever really finished. I mean, in the house. But you could take that as some sort of super deep philosophical statement about life, too. If you want. Two things I’d always planned to add to the basement at some … Continue reading

Abraham Barry is TWO! (at the ZOO)

Abe turned two on Saturday. I’d say some stuff here about how sad it is that I don’t have any babies anymore, except he is TOTALLY STILL A BABY AND ALWAYS WILL BE. I thought maybe I could get away with one Abe is two now post, but then, predictably, there were a lot of pictures. So I’m dumping all … Continue reading

Hemming Curtains (without sewing), and Other Small Things

It’s super extremely mega plus cold here right now. I know that is true for lots of people. Maybe it’s even COLDER where you are than where I am. Although I don’t quite see how that’s possible. Anyway, so I celebrated the arrival of winter/record setting cold temperatures by finally hemming the curtains in our library. I love everything about … Continue reading

Abe at 21 Months

I did monthly updates on Abe until he turned 18 months, so I thought halfway between a year and a half and two (!) might be a good time for a check in. If you read my trip recap, you have a pretty good idea of what Abe’s like these days. He’s crazy and full of energy and exhausting and … Continue reading

Abe at ONE AND A HALF! Also, other kids and a fence

(This was going to be a post about our trip again, but then it got late. Maybe because I was taking so many pictures of my one and a half year old. Next week!) Abraham Barry is ONE AND A HALF! So that’s pretty crazy. I’ve had it in my head that 18 months is when they start to get … Continue reading

Abe at Seventeen Months

Look at that crazy toddler! He looks all calm and charming in that picture, but what’s going on is that the camera is the only thing that can make him appear still. I’m not sure if Abe is more nuts than my other toddlers or if I just blocked those memories. Probably the latter. I suspect he’s pretty normal, but … Continue reading

Abe at Sixteen Months

I’m cheating a little bit. That picture up there is from a few days before Abe turned 16 months, because I didn’t get any pictures I was super in love with on the actual day. Abe at 16 months is in full on toddler mode. He drags chairs across the room so that he can climb on them to reach … Continue reading

Abe’s Backyard Play Kitchen

 I love Abe’s new play kitchen. I’ll just come right out with that. I am utterly charmed by it. I might redo my own kitchen as a grown-up version of it, complete with a mulch floor and non-functional plywood stove burners. I’m also excited that it was such a cheap, recycling-heavy project. Especially since I’m sort of shocked about how … Continue reading

Feeding the Discriminating Toddler

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Lifeway Kefir, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade # http://my-disclosur.es/RgFrEH This is Abe the first time he tried solid foods, when he was six months old. Yeah. And he STILL won’t eat sweet potato. Sweet potato aside, I wouldn’t exactly call Abe … Continue reading

Abe at 15 Months

  I almost forgot to take pictures yesterday when Abe turned 15 months! I guess he really is growing up if I can (almost) forget his 15 month birthday. Soon I’ll have to just tell people “a year and a half” when they ask how old he is, because people on the internet make fun of you if you talk … Continue reading