Abe at 14 Months

  My favorite pictures are always the ones where he looks so serious! He’s really a very happy baby most of the time. But he’s stiller when he’s not smiling.   Big, huge month for Abe! Here’s why:   He started walking about two weeks ago, and he’s very proud of himself. It’s really fun to learn to walk when … Continue reading

Abe at 13 Months

I’m going to keep doing monthly photos of Abe this year, since babies change nearly as much from one to two as from birth to one, it seems. But I’ve got another photo project going on this year, too (more on that in a couple of weeks), so I’ll keep it a little more laid back than in his first … Continue reading

Ikea Ribba Book Ledges for Abe’s New Nursery

I mentioned the other day that more storage for books and toys was a priority in the big move to the new nursery. I wasn’t lying, because just look what we did first thing after painting: we made a whole wall of books for Abe! This isn’t the most original project in the world. Shelves where the books face out … Continue reading

Abe Lincoln Birthday Party Part 2: Stovepipe Hat Photobooth

As I mentioned in my part one post, our main objective with Abe’s first birthday party was to get together with a few close friends and family and get a cute picture of Abe with frosting smeared all over his face. But I thought it would be also be adorable to take pictures of all the kids in a stovepipe … Continue reading

Abe Lincoln Birthday Party, Part 1: Cupcakes!

  We finally had Abe’s repeatedly delayed first birthday party on Friday! Just a few close friends and family came over for presents and cupcakes. And, really, let’s be honest: getting this picture is what first birthday parties are all about, right? Never having been presented with an entire cupcake all his own before, Abe started out by delicately licking … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Banner and Party Preview

Hey–it’s finally party day for 1 year and 2 week old Abe! I’ll have more pictures once said party has actually happened, but for now here’s a quick preview of the decorations. I decided to go with an Abe Lincoln theme, figuring this is likely the only time I’ll be able to get away with that before toddler opinions set … Continue reading

Abe is ONE!

Pardon me while I post four hundred pictures of my (sniff, sniff) ONE YEAR OLD BABY! Remember this? This happened about 5 minutes ago: And now somehow he’s morphed from that tiny, wrinkly alien into this fine little human: Can you tell I have no idea what to do with his hair these days? It sticks straight up in back, … Continue reading

Make Your Baby a Crappy Doll Bed, or: Happy Birthday, Abe!!!

Abe is ONE today! This is nearly impossible, and yet it is totally and completely true. The post with his one year pictures and all the gushy stuff about how he’s unbearably adorable and charming will be coming up next week. And his party’s not until next weekend, so there’ll be more about that in the near future, too. But … Continue reading

Abe at 11 Months

Usually when I write these posts, I think, “OMG–he’s getting SO big! He’s changed so much!” This month I’m just thinking, “wow. It seems like I was taking his 10 month pictures yesterday. He’s more mobile, more verbal, more into everything this month than last, but there haven’t been any big milestones of note that I can think of. Or … Continue reading

Older Baby/Younger Toddler Gift Ideas

Babies are very easy to shop for relative to older kids, yet I’ve put off buying stuff for Abe the longest. I’m more or less finished with the older kids, and it was surprisingly easy this year (umm, partly because they all agreed on sharing a Wii U for their big gift, so they’re not getting a whole lot else). … Continue reading