Finishing the Master Bathroom FOR REAL: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Hey, did you know that time actually slows down when you’re painting trim? Like it absolutely feels like you will be doing it for the rest of your life. True story. So I can’t show you any finished trim in the master bathroom until I dive into the time warp again a few more times, but it IS happening. This … Continue reading

Mirror Gallery Wall in the Master Bath

See that blue wall reflected in the mirrors up there? You weren’t supposed to see that. We have the paint for the wall opposite the mirrors, and we fully intended to have it all done for this post. But then Dave managed to pull a tendon or something in his hip, an injury that Google tells me is most common … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Vanity Light Update (Plus Black Paint Reveal)

Bam! Four posts in one week! Just like old times. Pre-toddler times, that is. Above the big old messed up builder grade mirror in our master bathroom hung this not so messed up chrome vanity light: I actually kind of like the shape of it….it has some art deco-esque kind of waviness going on at the edges that sets it … Continue reading

Agonizing Too Much Over Our Bathroom Vanity

Let me tell you about our bathroom in our first house, in Dorchester, MA: I don’t have a picture of the bathroom handy, but I found this one that will give you an idea of what ours was like: Source Only ours was MORE pink. Pink tub. Pink sink. Pink toilet. Pink tile on the floors and two thirds of … Continue reading

How to Remove a Frameless Mirror Like a Nervous Grandma

Things are HAPPENING in our master bathroom! Woot! Specifically, instead of a mirror, we now have a big empty wall with ugly 80’s wallpaper and black patches of some kind of adhesive. Hooray for progress! So this is what our bathroom looked like very, very recently: An absolutely enormous frameless, builder grade mirror (to go with the ridiculously long vanity, … Continue reading

15 Resources for Choosing White and Black Paint Colors: Your Guide to All the Guides

Remember that time when we spent ONE HUNDRED YEARS tiling our master bathroom and then totally abandoned the room and did nothing else in there for months? Yes, well, all that is about to change! Any month now. But I’m always thinking about our master bath, you see. I go in there pretty much every single day. I brush my … Continue reading

Home Decorators’ Tollan Rug: A Tiny Master Bath Update

We’re mostly still working on Abe’s new room this week, but I also have a couple of small bathroom updates to share. My small bathroom updates have me itching to make some more progress in there and start seeing things come together. So fingers crossed for a another snow week so Dave will be home to help! Just kidding. I … Continue reading

Master Bath Tile Revealed at Last! and lessons learned from our first time tiling

Linking this post up with the Be Bold Challenge link party. I’d hoped to have a brand new bathroom project finished in time for it, but then I didn’t. But then I reflected and decided that tiling without a clue what we were doing was pretty damn bold of us. So. True to my word, I will not be making … Continue reading

Again With the Tile?!

We are all finished with the tile! And when I say “all finished” I mean that we still have to do the grout and the sealant. So not really all finished. But the end is in sight! You know, having a blog can be really motivating when you’re trying to get stuff done. Because once you’re finished, you get to take … Continue reading

This Post is Not About Our Newly Tiled Bathroom

….because we don’t have one yet. First I’m going to tell you about one of the quick and easy projects I’ve been trying to do more of to help me cope with how agonizingly slow tiling is. Then I’ll whine about tiling some more. You are all welcome to leave after the non-whining part if you’d like ;). I’ve had these … Continue reading