A Tour of Our New Toy Hauler: Jayco Octane SL 272

So this two blog thing can lead to overthinking. I mean, most things can lead to overthinking for me, so it’s not surprising, really. Clearly, posts about actually traveling go on the travel blog, Boxy Colonial on the Road. But what about if we’re not “on the road” but in our driveway, but still in our trailer? What THEN?! We … Continue reading

Pumpkin Festival and Camping at Stone Mountain Park

I have a guest post up at Six Suitcase Travel right now; it’s a three day itinerary for Chattanooga. Check it out if you get a chance! When white settlers first started visiting Stone Mountain, the giant mass of granite that rises 800 feet above the surrounding landscape, just a few miles east of Atlanta, they found its top encircled … Continue reading

Shopping Spree

You certainly wouldn’t be able to guess this by looking in my overstuffed basement or garage, but I often go a remarkably long time without buying anything that doesn’t come from a thrift store (I mean, except, like, food and gas and electricity. You know what I mean!) But this week, I bought SO MANY THINGS. Like two. Well, more … Continue reading

Our First RV Trip: Lookout Mountain/Chattanooga West KOA

I won’t say that everything that could go wrong did, because I can think of an awful lot of things that could have gone wrong and didn’t (for which I’m grateful)…..but a lot of things went wrong. And it was still pretty fun! So, yay–first trip with the trailer=success(ful enough that we don’t want to sell the thing yet)! We … Continue reading

More Trailer Talk: Plans for the Inside

I’m not one of those bloggers who needed to buy a trailer because I’m so low on projects to finish in my real house that I have to have a whole new one with wheels if I want to keep blogging. Nope. That is not me. I could easily make you a list of many dozens of house projects what … Continue reading

What We Did Last Weekend

This lives in our driveway now. It’s huge, isn’t it?! We didn’t exactly mean to get something so big. But, well, there are a lot of us, and some of us are quite tall, and that really limited our options. I’ll talk more about how we decided on something so freakin’ big in a different post. In this one, I’ll … Continue reading