The Boxy Colonial: Then and Now

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this about 43 times over the past year or so, but I’m kind of frustrated with the pace of house projects lately. Like mostly since Dave started working on his masters and then, lately, since Abe stopped napping. I know it’s fine. I know that we have the rest of our lives to work on … Continue reading

Mid-year Check In: Past Goals and Future Plans

Back at the beginning of the year, I made a list of house related goals for 2015. I haven’t really thought a whole lot about the list since then, so I was pleasantly surprised when I took a look at it earlier to find that we’re staying on track pretty well. This is probably because it’s a pretty short list. … Continue reading

A-frame Cottage Tour, Part 2: The Bedrooms

Way back in July of last year, I posted photos of the first floor of my mom’s house and promised there would be more to come. Then, last month, I posted about the house on Hometalk, and it was a big hit and people said a lot of nice things. This was lovely and gratifying, for both my mom and … Continue reading

Watery Gallery Wall

We’ve been focused on finishing up the basement for so long around here that the rest of the house has been terribly neglected. I got all the Christmas decorations down right after Christmas and felt very accomplished about that….until a month and a half went by and I still hadn’t put anything in their place. I also keep adding to … Continue reading

Adventure Room: Thinking Ahead to Abe’s Big Kid Room

Sometimes, when people blog about their houses, they worry that someday their houses will be all finished, and they won’t have anything else to blog about.  I don’t have this worry at all. For one thing, we’re really slow. For another thing, we have a relatively big house with none of this “open concept” business; lots and lots of boxy … Continue reading

Our Basement Movie and Game Room: Fall in Love

We had six weeks to finish a room in our basement as part of the Fall In Love series with 17 other bloggers….and the big reveal day is finally here! Room makeover deadlines are funny things. It became clear pretty quickly that there was no way we’d really be able to finish finish the basement room, so it was more … Continue reading

Halloween House Tour

So today I’m doing my first ever holiday house tour, along with five other fabulous bloggers. Thanks so much to Stephanie from Sandpaper and Glue for putting this together. Make sure to check out all the other tours after you take a look at mine; I’m really excited to see what everyone else has done–Halloween decorations are my favorite! Until … Continue reading

Mirror Gallery Wall in the Master Bath

See that blue wall reflected in the mirrors up there? You weren’t supposed to see that. We have the paint for the wall opposite the mirrors, and we fully intended to have it all done for this post. But then Dave managed to pull a tendon or something in his hip, an injury that Google tells me is most common … Continue reading

How to Have a Pretty Sofa While Also Having Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Thanks to Havertys for sponsoring this post! For a long time, we’ve regarded sofas as more or less disposable. It seemed impossible to keep them in decent shape for any length of time, between kids spilling stuff, cats scratching, and dogs….smelling like dogs–so we spent many years picking up super cheap sofas on Craigslist or at thrift stores and then … Continue reading

Agonizing Too Much Over Our Bathroom Vanity

Let me tell you about our bathroom in our first house, in Dorchester, MA: I don’t have a picture of the bathroom handy, but I found this one that will give you an idea of what ours was like: Source Only ours was MORE pink. Pink tub. Pink sink. Pink toilet. Pink tile on the floors and two thirds of … Continue reading