Ordering Real, Genuine Pictures for the Wall from MPix

I won’t be making a groundbreaking new observation about modern life when I say that families today tend to document their lives photographically more intensely than ever before and yet they often have less physical evidence of said documentation than ever before as well. As recently as when Ari was born (so nearly sixteen years ago. Eek. How did that … Continue reading

Cozy, Eclectic, Vintage, Brady Bunch Den (or Family Room, if you will) Reveal

Our den does not actually look anything at all like the Brady Bunch family room. But I mentioned in a planning post way back a long time ago (umm. TWO YEARS AGO. Damn, I’m slow) that the Brady Bunch family room was my inspiration for the general feel I was going for in the space and for how I envisioned … Continue reading

The Corner Shelf in the Den Finally Gets its Own Post

I showed you the finished corner shelf in the den as part of my Christmas house tour, but then, what with Christmas and all that, there was never really a chance to do a whole post just about the shelf. But it was a pretty big project AND I finally got around to taking all the Christmas stuff off of … Continue reading

Progress in the Den! Slow and Erratic Wins the Race.

We’ve been watching The Crown on Netflix because the politics that happened 60 years ago in another country are easier and less scary to think about than the politics that are happening here and now….and it’s become very clear to me that the royal family has fancier gallery walls than I do. I’m a little embarrassed about my own gallery … Continue reading

Eclectic Gallery Wall, Heavy on the Vintage: A Den Update

It’s Wednesday already! How did this happen?! The weekend kind of got away from me…probably because of all the SNOW! I know the mid-Atlantic part of Jonas got most of the attention last weekend, but just look what happened here in Georgia: Look at all that snow! Can you even believe it?! Okay, there wasn’t much snow here. But we … Continue reading

Storage Ottomans for the Den and Plans for MORE Storage

I mentioned the new ottomans we bought for the den when I showed you the new color last week, but now I’m back to dedicate an entire to post to them + the search for storage solutions for the den in general. When we bought the Karlstad sectional, we had to assemble it in a slightly unorthodox way in order … Continue reading

Our Hale Navy Walls and Matching Fireplace and Trim

Why, hello there, den! You’re looking so much less neglected these days! I’ve written approximately 14 posts detailing all our big plans for this room, each one completely different from the last. But I think we should probably just pretend the first 13 didn’t happen, and that it all started with my post back in October, because three months is … Continue reading

Gearing Up for Den Changes!

I just sat down to write this post and realized it felt oddly familiar. Turns out that’s because I wrote a very similar post about how, no REALLY, we were going to be doing stuff with the den….back in February. But! We didn’t do any of those things, and now I want to do completely different things! Or, more precisely, … Continue reading

Making Plans for the Poor, Neglected Den

Here’s my inspiration picture for our den:  source It’s the family room from The Brady Bunch! Okay, so maybe SOME details will be different. Okay, maybe all of them. No paneling or plaid sofas or sliding glass doors. But it kept popping into my head when I was thinking about how we use our den and the sort of general … Continue reading

Our New Ikea Karlstad Sectional: A Love Story

Here’s what I wrote nearly two years ago about wanting a Karlstad sectional: Yes, I know….EVERYONE has a Karlstad sofa from Ikea. But you know what? Sometimes everyone is right. Because where else am I going to find an attractive sectional, with a cover that I can replace if/when the evil cats destroy the first one, for $900? Since then, … Continue reading