Thrift Score Thursday: Halloween Edition

I’m very excited to be one of the guest hosts for this year’s Halloween Edition of Thrift Score Thursday. I love Thrift Score Thursday AND I love Halloween, so this is pretty much the best thing that could have happened to me. If you’re not familiar with regular Thrift Store Thursday, the idea is that all week people share their … Continue reading

In which I attempt to divert attention away from the lack of a copper shelf tutorial by posting pictures of a cute dog and my toddler

This is not a copper shelving tutorial. I fully intended to have that for you today, but then things happened. As they do. I hope you weren’t planning to make copper shelves using my tutorial this weekend. Probably you weren’t. Instead, here are some pictures of Abe hunting for Easter eggs at my grandparents’ house last weekend. He was really … Continue reading

Rusl from Zelda Twilight Princess Costume plus….Other Stuff

Hey, guess what?! We haven’t finished painting the basement yet! So how about some Halloween stuff and some more cute dog pictures? Gus was the only kid who requested a tricky costume this year, but it was a bit of a doozy. Generally if your kid is interested in dressing up as a video game character for Halloween, you can … Continue reading

More Basement Rambling and A Terrier

We spent much of the weekend cleaning out the future movie/game room and working on the floors, and I will show the finished floor to you later this week. Along with an exciting story about an encounter with wildlife. Teaser! But for now what I have is pictures of our new foster dog and more rambling about basement plans. So … Continue reading

A bear and a hare have been to the fair…..

I love Sandra Boynton. “But Not the Hippopotamus” is kind of a tragic book, though. Imagine if you could really only do things your name rhymed with. None of our names rhyme with fair, but we went anyway! We haven’t been to the fair with the kids since we’ve lived here. In fact, I can only remember ever having been … Continue reading