Public Service Announcement Post/ Excuse for Cute Beagle Pics

If you would like a house-related post, I could blog about how I managed to wash a rug today and dust the library. No? Okay, how about a bit about dogs then? I have had four dogs in my adult life, and they’ve all been rescue dogs. First there was Oliver. I got Oliver from the animal shelter when I … Continue reading

It’s the little things. Right?

I have bigger things to blog about–like the FINALLY (mostly) finished back steps. And Thanksgiving. But first, a post about a few of the little things that have been going on, house-wise. Fiesta and Gable decided to stop taking turns on everyone’s favorite dog bed and just share it instead. Awwww…..BFFs! I finally finished painting this little table thing. I … Continue reading

Busy weekend

I have not one, but TWO weekend projects to blog about this week. One of them I need to finish up before I can take the pictures (I would normally be too impatient to wait and just go ahead and post it as is, but it’s a small enough project that I feel a little sheepish about not just FINISHING … Continue reading