Craigslist Dresser and Calling the Foyer Finished

Foyers are kind of weird. Our old house didn’t have one; you just walked right on into the living room. I’ve talked before about how one of my qualms with colonials is that they tend not to use space as efficiently as they might, what with their hallways and such (we have a super wide hallway upstairs, which I intend … Continue reading

Pinterest Challenge: Squirrel Wall! Or, Okay Whimsy: Simmer Down Now

Is it just me, or was the last Pinterest Challenge like a week ago? Pinterest challenge hosted by: Katie at BowerPower, Sherry at Young House Love, Emily at Sparkle Meets Pop, and Renee at Red Bird Blue At any rate, for the last Pinterest Challenge I redid Ari’s desk. Everything went very smoothly, I was very pleased with the end … Continue reading

Dave Tells Us How to Build a Bench with Shoe Storage

Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Dave’s on a roll with this whole writing posts thing! I’m pretty sure this post has the distinction of the most pictures of any post EVER! Pictures are helpful when you’re trying to build stuff. This project was pretty fun.  Since we have plans to build a farmhouse table for the … Continue reading

A New Coat Rack and Bench for Our Foyer=Much Better

Update: bench building instructions here Six people live in our house, and five of us wear shoes. In winter, we all wear coats, too. Shoes and coats for five/six people take up a remarkable amount of space. You know what would be nice? If we had a dedicated mudroom somewhere around here (preferably near a door). But, alas, we do … Continue reading

Bunny and Chicken Silhouettes: The Last of the Easter Decorating Extravaganza

That’s right–Easter decorating week is nearly over! Back to our regularly scheduled tween room redo (with maybe some gardening action thrown in!) after this. I’ve seen a ton of silhouette art around lately (it occurs to me that most of my posts could be Pinterest Challenge posts, really), so I decided to throw some into the Easter decorating mix here. This … Continue reading