Gunlocke Library Chairs for the Library

As you may or may not recall, a couple of months ago we got a new loveseat for the library, and said loveseat’s diminutive proportions made our side chairs look somewhat ridiculous:   I sold those chairs (and our old chess table) to my mom the other day to sell at her shop. She gave me $70 for everything and … Continue reading

A Shiny New Plumage Cabinet to Corral Abe’s Toys

I know most of you probably started hitting refresh over and over at 6:58 this morning, waiting on this post, since I usually have a post up at 7 on Wednesdays. What? What’s that you say? You’ve never noticed that I usually have a post up at 7 on Wednesdays? Well. Anyway. The REASON I didn’t have a post up … Continue reading

The Library Gets a Loveseat, or: Perspective Rears its Ugly Head Again

It’s been nearly a year since we bought a bunch of Billy shelves for the library. We’re still very happy with the shelves, but the armchair in there was always just a placeholder until we could get something nicer. We picked up the chair for $40 on Craigslist, and I think we’ve gotten $40 worth of use out of it. … Continue reading

DIY Small Farmhouse Table Plans and Tutorial

post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Dave is here to tell us how he made the farmhouse table. He has a lot to say and show about it. My finger hurts from editing all the pictures. Not even kidding. If you want to make a farmhouse table, you won’t find a tutorial more thorough than this one!  … Continue reading

Farmhouse Table: Easy, One Month Long Project

Update: Dave’s table building tutorial here That’s a joke up there. It shouldn’t really take you a month to make a farmhouse table. And, if you are not us, it probably won’t! It’s kitchen week here at Boxy Colonial. Or maybe kitchen fortnight. We’ve got a good bit going on in the kitchen, and I’m going to tell you all … Continue reading

The Sunroom has STUFF in it Now!

We’ve been hanging out in the sunroom nonstop since a few days ago when we finally got it all set up with furniture. I think we would have made it a priority sooner had we realized what a lovely room it was going to be. The thing that bothers me most about our floor plan is how closed off the … Continue reading

Craigslist Dresser and Calling the Foyer Finished

Foyers are kind of weird. Our old house didn’t have one; you just walked right on into the living room. I’ve talked before about how one of my qualms with colonials is that they tend not to use space as efficiently as they might, what with their hallways and such (we have a super wide hallway upstairs, which I intend … Continue reading

Dave Tells Us How to Build a Bench with Shoe Storage

Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Dave’s on a roll with this whole writing posts thing! I’m pretty sure this post has the distinction of the most pictures of any post EVER! Pictures are helpful when you’re trying to build stuff. This project was pretty fun.  Since we have plans to build a farmhouse table for the … Continue reading

Sunroom Progress: Chunky Dresser Makeover

Awhile back, as some of you may recall, I bought a big chunky dresser for $45 at the thrift store (not on the same Friday night that I bought everything else that’s now in my house, but at the same store). Said dresser is unbelievably heavy and still has a stamp on the back dating it to 1974. I’d had some … Continue reading

A Subway Map Inspired Dresser for Ari’s Room

Not going to lie; I’m pretty excited about this one. It’s a project that could not be a Pinterest Challenge, because I came up with it all on my own. Not that a striped dresser is anything unique, but I haven’t seen any other subway map striped dressers. Back when I posted about the plans for Ari’s room, I mentioned that … Continue reading