Replacing Outlets Really IS Easy!

Post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I almost didn’t write this post, because it’s such a quick, simple little thing. It’s the sort of thing I would have blogged about back when I still had time for three or four blog posts a week but that these days I’d usually just do a quick Instagram post about … Continue reading

Agonizing Too Much Over Our Bathroom Vanity

Let me tell you about our bathroom in our first house, in Dorchester, MA: I don’t have a picture of the bathroom handy, but I found this one that will give you an idea of what ours was like: Source Only ours was MORE pink. Pink tub. Pink sink. Pink toilet. Pink tile on the floors and two thirds of … Continue reading

How to Remove a Frameless Mirror Like a Nervous Grandma

Things are HAPPENING in our master bathroom! Woot! Specifically, instead of a mirror, we now have a big empty wall with ugly 80’s wallpaper and black patches of some kind of adhesive. Hooray for progress! So this is what our bathroom looked like very, very recently: An absolutely enormous frameless, builder grade mirror (to go with the ridiculously long vanity, … Continue reading

A Gray Front Door, Boxwoods for the Raven Planters, and the World’s Easiest, Cheapest Wreath

That’s right: in a less hectic month I would manage to split this into three separate posts and perhaps try to tie in an elaborate story about some party I went to once in college….but it’s December, so you get this three for the price of one post instead. (Incidentally it’s kind of KILLING me how I keep running out … Continue reading

Filling in holes in the yard: the most ridiculous post ever

It was a really beautiful weekend, weather-wise, and we had a much more open schedule than usual. No math tournaments, no plays or rehearsals, no birthday parties, no pet adoptions….the only thing we had Saturday was our neighborhood’s annual barbecue, and that didn’t start until five. So–yardwork! We would get ALL the yardwork done! We would weed and mulch and … Continue reading

Let there be light! (and also hot water)

Warning: wordy post ahead. And the pictures I DID take for it, I forgot to take until it was dark out, so they suck. Sorry. oh! But then I put WORDS on the pictures to at least make them hilarious for you. HI-larious. Perhaps the times when I wish the most for unlimited wealth is when something important is broken. … Continue reading

Landscaping On the Cheap (or Free)

When we moved in to the Boxy Colonial last May, the yard was in really rough shape. The bank that owned it had managed to acquire two liens on it in the few months since they’d foreclosed, one of them for never, ever mowing the lawn. It was a complete jungle in the backyard, and, we found out later, it … Continue reading

I Don’t Have a Baby Yet, But I Still Have Stains on My Carpet

Turns out I didn’t really have a blog plan for the scenario that is happening….i.e. a finished nursery with no baby to go with it. I just kind of figured I would triumphantly finish the nursery and post about it, and then I’d go have the baby the next day. But I’m still here. If I don’t have the baby … Continue reading