Stone Mountain Field Trip

Ari’s taking a Georgia history class this year at our local homeschool center, and the class includes lots and lots of field trips (to which parents and siblings are invited). He’s actually off on one right now, but the rest of us are having to miss that one owing to some snotty miserableness in certain small members of our family. … Continue reading

Homeschool Stuff: Science Edition

Every time I sit down to write this post, I…..don’t do it. I have no idea why. It may be because it requires pulling pictures off of my phone, and I hate doing that. But not for any particular reason. So anyway, if you’re reading this, I actually managed to write the whole thing this time. Yay! The thing about … Continue reading

School + Baby=?????

So you’ve probably been wondering what homeschooling with a tiny baby around is like. No? I guess maybe that was all me, actually….for the past 10 months or so….”OMG; how am I going to do school AND have a baby?!” Because that sounded hard. Truth be told it is, so far, not all that bad. But this is because my … Continue reading

Homeschool Wednesday: Georgia Aquarium

We’re not really doing school this week. We’re still on Christmas break. But my sister-in-law, Amy, her husband, Craig, and their kids, Benjamin and Louis, are in town from California for a few days, so we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium–the aquarium that was, when it was built, the largest in the world! It doesn’t sound so impressive … Continue reading


*house stuff has been slow going this week and last. Eventually we will FINALLY have some finished steps to post about, though. They are finished enough now that dogs (who don’t need a hand rail) can go down them, and that makes me happy) In 2008, we read tons of books about presidents and elections and super hyped everything enough … Continue reading


Back before I bailed on the old homeschool blog, I announced big plans for a post about all the not-at-our-house stuff we do this year. There is…a lot. Here’s what that schedule looks like right now: Monday: classes at LEO in the morning. Ari’s taking a logic class, and Milo and Gus are taking science. Tuesday: Spanish in the morning (tutor comes … Continue reading

Homeschool Tuesday

I have a homeschooling blog that I did a pretty good job of updating for a pretty long time. But last year, what with all the house selling and moving and all that, things kind of fell apart. We’re also kind of at the point in our homeschooling where we’ve been doing it for awhile, and we’re pretty happy with all … Continue reading