Superkea Sunday, 2017!

I have a confession to make: when we got home from Ikea on Sunday, we put Abe to bed and then watched most of the last half of the Super Bowl. And boy was that ever a bummer. Lesson learned: don’t watch football; stay at Ikea longer. This was our fifth annual Superkea Sunday, and it was the least crowded … Continue reading

The Ikea Sundvik Crib Eight Months Later: A Bit of Babyproofing

Abe’s crib is the Sundvik crib from Ikea. As I’ve mentioned before, this selection was motivated primarily by price. The crib is $119, and I like the way it looks just fine. It has clean simple lines that fit in well with the nursery. It’s not flashy or exciting, but it does its job without drawing attention to itself. I … Continue reading