DIY No-sew Canvas Play Tent: Abe’s National Parks Room

post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! You know, I don’t think I ever put it together before that we’ll be finishing Abe’s National Parks room (knock wood) the same year as the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. We’re real good at planning that way. Back when I put together the mood board for Abe’s room, … Continue reading

Abe’s National Parks Room: New Bedding and Throw Pillow Choices

Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I was at Target the other day buying exciting things like groceries and socks, and I had no intention whatsoever of buying bedding for Abe’s room….but then I did anyway. I think I mentioned in passing awhile back that I’ve been searching high and low for reasonably priced black and white … Continue reading

Shopping Spree

You certainly wouldn’t be able to guess this by looking in my overstuffed basement or garage, but I often go a remarkably long time without buying anything that doesn’t come from a thrift store (I mean, except, like, food and gas and electricity. You know what I mean!) But this week, I bought SO MANY THINGS. Like two. Well, more … Continue reading

Stenciled Bison Curtains for Abe’s National Parks Room

post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I’m just going to go ahead and say right now that this project took 100 years (or at least a weekend or so) longer than it should have because it was incredibly tedious and I had a hard time making myself do the second curtain panel after I finished the first. … Continue reading

And the winner is……(Abe’s new dresser + a bison)

A couple of weeks ago, I asked everyone to vote on a new dresser for Abe’s room, and the votes were pretty evenly split between this campaign chest: And this mid century dresser: (I also had put his current dresser, repainted somehow or other in the running, but no one voted for it). And we decided to go with….. NEITHER … Continue reading

Control Any Plug-in Light with a Wall Switch: A Quick Ikea Light Tweak

Post contains an affiliate link. If you go buy the awesome thing I am about to tell you about, I’ll get like 10 cents or something. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I’m not sure I’ve ever been as excited to see a long weekend as I am right now. This whole school year promises to be extra crazy, between Dave … Continue reading

DIY Custom Shelving for a Small Closet: Toddler Toys….Tamed!

One of the most bittersweet experiences a DIY blogger can have is completing a project, having it turn out really well, and knowing that the pictures of it are going to suck. Because it’s a small, dark closet. Sigh. It’s like I’ll have to derive satisfaction and fulfillment just from having done something in my house that will be attractive … Continue reading

Benjamin Moore’s Bunker Hill Green for Abe’s Room

Some people always manage a fun pun in their post titles. I LOVE puns, but I seem to be terrible at them. And really good at dry but descriptive titles. It’s so rare that I come up with a wonderful terrible pun, in fact, that I actually remember my two best ones, even though they’re both from college. Ready? So … Continue reading