Chalkboard Wall: The Illustrated Kitchen Wall

Are you ready for this? I’m about to BLOW.YOUR.MIND. There is this paint that you can buy that turns any surface in  your house into a CHALKBOARD.  True story. Okay. I suppose at this point talking about how overdone chalkboard walls are is pretty much as overdone as chalkboard walls themselves. But what about talking about talking about how overdone … Continue reading

Farmhouse Table: Easy, One Month Long Project

Update: Dave’s table building tutorial here That’s a joke up there. It shouldn’t really take you a month to make a farmhouse table. And, if you are not us, it probably won’t! It’s kitchen week here at Boxy Colonial. Or maybe kitchen fortnight. We’ve got a good bit going on in the kitchen, and I’m going to tell you all … Continue reading

Imaginary Kitchen

I have been holding out on you guys. I know I’ve been all, “I bought a chair. Disney. Sharpie octopus.” ….after promising BIG SUMMER PROJECTS. Part of the reason for this is that summer always sort of becomes its own project. And, you know, you have to let summer do that, because it only happens once a year. But ALSO, … Continue reading

The Big House List, Part 1: Downstairs

Aww….summer. If you are us, summer means a couple of months of two adults being home. Summer is the best part of Dave’s job. We love summer. Except that it’s really, really hot. But you can’t have everything. Summer is, theoretically, a good time to knock out projects. Last summer, Dave built a fence. We thought that maybe Dave should … Continue reading

DIY Baby and Dog Gate Instructions

Update, 5/2014: a couple of people have mentioned having trouble finding the upgraded latch that we used, so I thought I’d make the search a bit easier :). It’s a “Gatehouse sliding patio door latch,” available at Lowe’s for $4.72. One person mentioned in the comments that it’s pretty easy to find at hardware stores as long as you ask … Continue reading