The Big House List, Part 1: Downstairs

Aww….summer. If you are us, summer means a couple of months of two adults being home. Summer is the best part of Dave’s job. We love summer. Except that it’s really, really hot. But you can’t have everything. Summer is, theoretically, a good time to knock out projects. Last summer, Dave built a fence. We thought that maybe Dave should … Continue reading

The library–finished! (enough for now)

I’m calling it! I mean, there are still things to do, like organize the bookshelves more and hang up the Beagle picture I bought on Etsy when it gets here…but it’s more finished than any other room in the house. Earlier documentations of library progress are here and here. And here’s a reminder of what we started with: And here it is … Continue reading

DIY Chalk Paint: A First Attempt

Update: Psst….another chalk painting attempt, with a more exciting project here A post about chalk paint is sort of a rite of passage if you want to blog about your house, right? At least that is the impression I got from reading 80 gazillion blog posts about chalk paint in preparation for this project. But, truthfully, I had not even heard … Continue reading

Library tweaks

I ordered curtains from last week, and they showed up on Friday. For some reason they’re called “conspiracy curtains.” There’s a rug on its way next, for under the armchair (mostly so it doesn’t slide back and break the glass doors….when we get the glass doors). We had trouble deciding between rug and no rug for this room….Dave says … Continue reading

Library progress

Moving right along with two post/one day madness! So this room is supposed to be the formal living room, but, like almost everyone else, we don’t need one of those. But we do need somewhere for the piano to live, and for all the books to stay, and for Milo and Dave to play guitar, and maybe to play chess? … Continue reading