Peacock Duvet Cover + Fun with the Wide Angle Lens

Not much has changed in our master bedroom for awhile now….except the bedding, which changes constantly. I can’t seem to settle on anything. I mean, this would be fine if I were changing things up for fun to try something different, but it’s always because I was never really happy with what was in there to start with. Here’s where it … Continue reading

A Neutral, Textured Home Office with Sauder

Thanks so much to Sauder for sponsoring this post! Dave has been working on his master’s degree online since the beginning of summer, so he’s been spending a lot of time up in the previously unused half of our master bedroom. The plan for this space has long been to turn it into a kind of office/den area where work … Continue reading

A New Blanket, a New Dishwasher, and the World’s Prettiest Wooden Bowl

I’ve got a motley collection of things that don’t get their own posts today. 1. New blanket! If you’ve ever read the comments section on Apartment Therapy (or, umm, anywhere on the internet), you’ve probably noticed that being incredibly kind and giving is not everyone’s top priority when making comments. I’ve usually gotten off fairly easy over there, though, and … Continue reading

The OTHER Half of the Master Bedroom

Back when I was taking a million pictures of the finished half of our master bedroom, I also snapped a couple of what the other half of it (i.e. the part that was Abe’s nursery until very recently) looks like right now. But then I think I deleted those by accident. Sorry. Basically, you need to picture Abe’s old nursery: … Continue reading

Bird and Octopus and Dog Themed Master Bedroom Tour

I’m just kidding. With that title. I did not really set out to make a bird and octopus and dog themed bedroom, but it turns out, I realized, that there are multiple birds, octopuses, and dogs in there, and I needed a title. Before that, I was stuck on “master bedroom tour” for a title, and who would read a … Continue reading

Master Bedroom Progress: Cane Chair

The other day I woke up and nudged Dave and pointed to the corner and said, “do you remember what an awesome chair we have now?” My friend Kristi and I went to yard sales the other day (I keep talking about “my friend Kristi” here, and I also keep trying to get her to write a guest post. Like … Continue reading

Dresser Vignette, Heavy on the Vintage

So after yesterday’s dramatic fail, I thought maybe I’d post about something that just involves moving already created stuff around the house, so that I could only screw it up by making it look ugly. Nothing could be destroyed in the process unless I just dropped it and broke it (or unless I decided to smear Mod Podge all over … Continue reading

We Hung Up a Picture, and I’m Writing a Whole Post About It

….but I’m going to make it SUPER fascinating. Well. Anyway, I have some stuff to say about it. Before we get into all that, I should mention that next week is Dave’s spring break which means…..BIG PROJECTS! I hope. I have two big projects planned, at any rate. And maybe some small and medium sized ones, too. Also, we should … Continue reading

Free Art! Plants vs. Birds

I’ve had a link to the Botanicus Digital Library bookmarked for quite awhile now. It’s a project from the  Missouri Botanical Garden Library to digitize scientific literature and make it available on the internet. Some of the texts they’ve digitized have really pretty pictures in them. Probably they had loftier goals than beautifying people’s walls in mind when they started the … Continue reading

At Last! Board and Batten, or: Where the Caulk Was: Sort of a Tutorial

I will get to that part–where the mysteriously missing caulk was hiding–later on. I had this idea in my head that putting up board and batten would take up most of a leisurely Saturday, and then we’d be all finished and move on to other exciting nursery tasks like making a whale. I guess all the tutorials I read entitled … Continue reading