Organize! The Dining Room

Post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I haven’t read that book about tidying up that everyone else is reading these days, but I gather that the main idea is “get rid of all your crap,” which I am already totally on board with. Also something about not holding on to things that don’t “spark joy,” which I … Continue reading

DIY Custom Shelving for a Small Closet: Toddler Toys….Tamed!

One of the most bittersweet experiences a DIY blogger can have is completing a project, having it turn out really well, and knowing that the pictures of it are going to suck. Because it’s a small, dark closet. Sigh. It’s like I’ll have to derive satisfaction and fulfillment just from having done something in my house that will be attractive … Continue reading

Kid Clothes Organization: The Most Important Part is that I Can’t See Them (the clothes, not the kids)

Post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! It rained most of the weekend, which thwarted all of our project plans around here except the one I was looking forward to the least: organizing Milo and Gus’ closet. Sigh. We’re doing a mini revamp of Milo and Gus’ room (more on that later), and, as a part of that, … Continue reading

Hallway Office and Print Station: Making Use of “The Loft”

  So there’s this other house for sale in our neighborhood that appears to be our house’s twin (the one with the coat closet where we have a mysterious and inaccessible empty box). One sort of hilarious thing about the house listing is that it refers to the wide upstairs hallway as a “loft.” Naturally, when we learned that we … Continue reading

A DIY Magnetic Chore Chart for Free Spirits

Okay, not really. A REAL free spirit would live in her van and not do ANY chores EVER. But maybe, say, you might have been a free spirit in a different life, but in this one you have four kids, three dogs, two cats, and two and a half baths in your big house, so you HAVE to clean stuff, … Continue reading