Blue and Gold Star: This Year’s Quick 4th of July Project

Historically, I’m not the best at either decorating for the 4th of July or putting stuff on my front door to make it look all pretty and seasonally appropriate. So with this project I tried to fix both of those things, with mixed results. Last year’s sole 4th of July project was these pinwheels. This year I pulled out a … Continue reading

Abe’s Backyard Play Kitchen

 I love Abe’s new play kitchen. I’ll just come right out with that. I am utterly charmed by it. I might redo my own kitchen as a grown-up version of it, complete with a mulch floor and non-functional plywood stove burners. I’m also excited that it was such a cheap, recycling-heavy project. Especially since I’m sort of shocked about how … Continue reading

The Big House List, Part 3: Outside

We had a very busy weekend around here. Gus had the last three performances of his latest play, Schoolhouse Rock:   (he’s the one on the left, in the green bandana) Dave took his school’s math team to the state tournament….an all day affair two hours away. Go Bears! Only around 40 teams statewide get invited to the state tournament, … Continue reading

DIY Swing Set, Part 1: What We Did for Spring Break

      Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! By this point in my life, I should probably have long since stopped being surprised every single time that projects go much faster in my head than they do in real life. I was pretty sure I was going to have a completely finished swing set to show … Continue reading

A Gray Front Door, Boxwoods for the Raven Planters, and the World’s Easiest, Cheapest Wreath

That’s right: in a less hectic month I would manage to split this into three separate posts and perhaps try to tie in an elaborate story about some party I went to once in college….but it’s December, so you get this three for the price of one post instead. (Incidentally it’s kind of KILLING me how I keep running out … Continue reading

Filling in holes in the yard: the most ridiculous post ever

It was a really beautiful weekend, weather-wise, and we had a much more open schedule than usual. No math tournaments, no plays or rehearsals, no birthday parties, no pet adoptions….the only thing we had Saturday was our neighborhood’s annual barbecue, and that didn’t start until five. So–yardwork! We would get ALL the yardwork done! We would weed and mulch and … Continue reading

Blogger Fall Project Extravaganza: DIY Planter Boxes + a Giveaway with provided us with a Home Depot gift card to pay for the materials we used for this project.  I was very excited when I got the chance to participate in this fall project collaboration, in large part because it came with a deadline, and me and deadlines get along very well. Me and “finish it whenever you get a … Continue reading

Amazing Back Porch Reveal

I have an incredible before and after to show you today. Ready? I’ll start with the after: No, really: that’s the after. “But,” you might be thinking, “that’s a crappy screened porch with a plywood floor and a patio set that needs painting. Also, your fan is ugly.”  That’s right! That’s what it is. And I love it SO much … Continue reading