Snow White Movie Night: Abe’s Disney Movie Education

Post contains affiliate links. If you buy something after following my links, I get a small commission, but you don’t pay anything extra. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial!  Back when my older kids were little, doing a bunch of themed movie nights in preparation for our Disney trips always sounded like a fabulous, superfun idea. But I had so many little kids! I think … Continue reading

A Blue’s Clues Party in a Post-Blue’s Clues World, or: Abe is THREE!

Back to the den next, but I wanted to take a minute (or, you know, 1000 words and a million pictures, whichever comes first), to talk about the crazy thing that happened here over the weekend: my BABY turned THREE! You’re probably having a hard time believing this, because he was just born about a week ago and because he’s … Continue reading

Abe’s Very Busy Spider Party

post contains affiliate links Abe has long been a fan of Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider.” And of spiders (or “pie pies” as he calls them) in general. So I’ve been planning on this party theme for a few months now. In my ambitious, pre-holiday burnout days, this party was going to involve a larger guest list and perhaps … Continue reading

Milo’s Harry Potter Party, Part 2: Games and All That

In case you missed it, here’s the post where I talk about decorations and food. Okay, so the house was all Harry Potter-ified, the cupcakes were made, and still we needed to DO stuff at the actual party. It never ends–the party planning! But Milo is pretty great, so I didn’t mind. Too much. Things started off with a bang … Continue reading

Milo’s Harry Potter Party, Part 1: Food + Decor

I was planning to do just one big party post, but somewhere around the time I was editing photo number 33, I decided breaking it into two posts was a little more reasonable. Plus it’s not like we had time to do any other big projects this weekend anyway. So first up I’ll talk about the set up–all the decorations … Continue reading

DIY Harry Potter Wands

post contains affiliate links This weekend Milo is having a very belated birthday party (his actual birthday was back in May, but we waited until now for the party for assorted reasons too boring to get into). He just turned eleven so, naturally, he’s having a Harry Potter party. Next week I’ll be back with a full recap of the … Continue reading

Abe Lincoln Birthday Party Part 2: Stovepipe Hat Photobooth

As I mentioned in my part one post, our main objective with Abe’s first birthday party was to get together with a few close friends and family and get a cute picture of Abe with frosting smeared all over his face. But I thought it would be also be adorable to take pictures of all the kids in a stovepipe … Continue reading

Abe Lincoln Birthday Party, Part 1: Cupcakes!

  We finally had Abe’s repeatedly delayed first birthday party on Friday! Just a few close friends and family came over for presents and cupcakes. And, really, let’s be honest: getting this picture is what first birthday parties are all about, right? Never having been presented with an entire cupcake all his own before, Abe started out by delicately licking … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Banner and Party Preview

Hey–it’s finally party day for 1 year and 2 week old Abe! I’ll have more pictures once said party has actually happened, but for now here’s a quick preview of the decorations. I decided to go with an Abe Lincoln theme, figuring this is likely the only time I’ll be able to get away with that before toddler opinions set … Continue reading

August’s Doctor Who Party and Projector Thoughts

Awhile back I posted about Gus’ birthday party and my plans for it, and in that post I included all sorts of amazing inspiration pictures, and Gus’ party was going to be just like those. Well. Anyway, Gus had a lot of fun. First off, it was supposed to be an outside Doctor Who viewing party. Only the weather forecast called … Continue reading