Super Simple and Easy Homemade Applesauce: How Saucy They Are!

post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I asked Dave what I should call this post, and he immediately said, “How Saucy They Are!” Because Ari has been saying that, quoting General Sherman, ever since he wrote a paper about Kennesaw Mountain and the Civil War two years ago. Oh, Sherman: such a quotable guy. So I put … Continue reading

Hasbro Game Channel’s Trivial Pursuit plus Game Night Snacks

Last month I told you about how we tried out the Hasbro Game Channel‘s Monopoly Plus; I’m back this month to talk about another of the first three games available to download (to your Xbox360, Xbox One, or Playstation): Trivial Pursuit. (The third game is Risk. The kids wanted me to pick Risk as our next game to try, but … Continue reading

Abe’s Very Busy Spider Party

post contains affiliate links Abe has long been a fan of Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider.” And of spiders (or “pie pies” as he calls them) in general. So I’ve been planning on this party theme for a few months now. In my ambitious, pre-holiday burnout days, this party was going to involve a larger guest list and perhaps … Continue reading

Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa Mix

Going into the weekend, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get a Dare to Give Handmade post up at all. Every year (you know, all three of them that I’ve been linking up with Dare to DIY), this is the hardest week for me. I guess maybe it says something about my character that I don’t have any … Continue reading

Feeding the Discriminating Toddler

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Lifeway Kefir, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade # This is Abe the first time he tried solid foods, when he was six months old. Yeah. And he STILL won’t eat sweet potato. Sweet potato aside, I wouldn’t exactly call Abe … Continue reading

August’s Doctor Who Party and Projector Thoughts

Awhile back I posted about Gus’ birthday party and my plans for it, and in that post I included all sorts of amazing inspiration pictures, and Gus’ party was going to be just like those. Well. Anyway, Gus had a lot of fun. First off, it was supposed to be an outside Doctor Who viewing party. Only the weather forecast called … Continue reading

The Last Halloween Post: Doctor Who Costumes and Halloween Trail Mix

I love this time of year–the whole beginning of fall through Christmas corridor–but it sure is hectic. So here’s my wrapping up Halloween before moving on to Thanksgiving and Christmas (and a bathroom makeover!) post. First up: costumes! Two out of four kids decided on Doctor Who costumes this year. And I decided on a Doctor Who costume on Abe’s … Continue reading

Brazilian Cheese Bread (gluten free and grain free)

When we first started forgoing the gluten, I discovered Chebe bread mixes at a local natural foods store. There are a few different varieties, but the original mix is for Brazilian cheese bread, or pao de queijo. The bread’s only flour is tapioca starch, so it’s naturally gluten free (and grain free. Tapioca starch comes frmo the cassava plant, which is … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Part 3, plus a GF muffin recipe

Last year was our first gluten free year, and I didn’t really feel ready for doing everything homemade. So I wound up buying pre-made bread (and regular old wheat rolls for our non GF guests). We did make a pie:, as I recall. But this year I’m ready; I’m going to attempt my very first gluten free dinner rolls! For … Continue reading

Grain-free, gluten-free, low-carb chocolate muffins that kids like

My first recipe post! Our baking needs around here are pretty….specific. So I find myself adapting recipes to the point of unrecognizability more often than just using them as is–at least with baked stuff (which is pretty much all I do. Dave is the cook; I am the baker). We are all glutenless, for various reasons that mostly boil down … Continue reading