A Birthday Wooden Shark with the Dremel Micro 8050

  When I was a kid, my favorite toys to play with were Fisher Price Little People. Not those chunky ones they have now; the real ones:  the ones you can choke on. I don’t remember much about actually playing with the Little People. What I remember is the part that came before that, where my brother and I would … Continue reading

How to Have a Pretty Sofa While Also Having Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Thanks to Havertys for sponsoring this post! For a long time, we’ve regarded sofas as more or less disposable. It seemed impossible to keep them in decent shape for any length of time, between kids spilling stuff, cats scratching, and dogs….smelling like dogs–so we spent many years picking up super cheap sofas on Craigslist or at thrift stores and then … Continue reading

DIY Bullseye Tie-dye T-shirts for all the Cousins

I was compensated for this post as part of a campaign by Tulip and Blueprint Social. I have a few tie-dyeing experiences under my belt. I remember most all of them as involving giant messy vats of dye and results of….questionable beauty. But I have a lingering affection for tie-dye that maybe dates to a special class on the sixties … Continue reading

DIY Window Plant Shelf

shelves with plants

Thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sponsoring this post.   I am a lot like Laura Ingalls. Let me explain. We used to live in a (relatively) little house in the middle of (relatively) big woods. Now we live on our own very tiny prairie. At least when we moved in it was like a prairie, because it had been empty for … Continue reading