The Great Indoor Gardening Experiment

Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Here’s how gardening usually works around here. March: I am SO excited about my garden! Let’s go build garden beds and buy seeds and we’re going to have SO MUCH FOOD! April: Yay! Winter is over! Plants seeds in the ground! May: These beans are doing SO GREAT! Lots of the … Continue reading

Sunroom Updates: A New Rug and a Cluttered Mantel

We last visited the sunroom back in May (what?! how did that happen? I would have absolutely sworn it was July. Stop it, time!) when we had just moved Abe’s tent down there and made a kind of tossed together play area in one side of the room: Today I’m here to show you the slightly more pulled together, intentional … Continue reading

A Modern End Table for the Basement from Sauder

Thanks to Sauder for sponsoring this post! We declared the basement finished a few weeks ago, but, of course, nothing is ever really finished. I mean, in the house. But you could take that as some sort of super deep philosophical statement about life, too. If you want. Two things I’d always planned to add to the basement at some … Continue reading

Watery Gallery Wall

We’ve been focused on finishing up the basement for so long around here that the rest of the house has been terribly neglected. I got all the Christmas decorations down right after Christmas and felt very accomplished about that….until a month and a half went by and I still hadn’t put anything in their place. I also keep adding to … Continue reading

DIY Window Plant Shelf

shelves with plants

Thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sponsoring this post.   I am a lot like Laura Ingalls. Let me explain. We used to live in a (relatively) little house in the middle of (relatively) big woods. Now we live on our own very tiny prairie. At least when we moved in it was like a prairie, because it had been empty for … Continue reading

Updating the House Tour: Sunroom

One of my big blog-related goals for the this year is to have a really nice, updated house tour page for people to visit. The one that’s there now is….not nice or updated. To this end, I have a few things in the works. Dave is hard at work on a clickable floor plan, and I’m hoping that we’ll be … Continue reading

Ikea Sanela Curtains for the Sunroom and SUPER-KEA Sunday

  There’s a lot of unintentional alliteration in my title right there. Uncrowded periods at Ikea are just about as elusive and valuable as at Disney World. Last year I hit upon the idea of giving Superbowl evening a try and met with great, uncrowded success. So this year we decided to go ahead and call it an annual tradition. … Continue reading

A Shiny New Plumage Cabinet to Corral Abe’s Toys

I know most of you probably started hitting refresh over and over at 6:58 this morning, waiting on this post, since I usually have a post up at 7 on Wednesdays. What? What’s that you say? You’ve never noticed that I usually have a post up at 7 on Wednesdays? Well. Anyway. The REASON I didn’t have a post up … Continue reading

Giant Empty Wall, Part 1: Souvenir Plates

The sun room is probably my favorite room in the house these days; it’s certainly the room I spend the most time in. But it has kind of ┬ábig problem. A GIANT problem. And that problem is this enormous blank wall: Whole lotta nothing is what was going on on that wall. There’s still lots of nothing on most of … Continue reading

Online Rug Shopping for Dummies

For someone who’s owned three houses, I’m a pretty inexperienced rug buyer. Our only rug at our last house was in our living room. It was a giant antique dark red oriental rug…all worn down flat and threadbare in some places, and I loved it lots. Then our dog Oliver got really old and started peeing on it, so we … Continue reading