Home Library Organization (and the Billy Shelves, Six Years Later)

One of the first things we did when we moved into this house was buying Ikea Billy shelves and glass doors for the formal living room turned library. Six years later, it’s one of the few things I’ve never been tempted to change. Aesthetically, I still love how they look and how they’re one of the first things you see … Continue reading

Plans for 2018: of the House, Blog, and Personal Varieties

Happy New Year! I meant to do a Christmas recap post before this one, but we’re actually picking up the last of our Christmas presents today, and I wanted to be able to include them in the Christmas post, so I’m switching things up. I just took a look back at my post about 2017 house plans from last year … Continue reading

Happy Holidays and See You Next Year!

I meant to have one more post about something other than how I’m not posting anymore this year up today, but then it got late and the photos weren’t edited and the next episode of The Crown beckons…so instead I’m just posting right quick to say Merry Everything to all of you, thank you so much for spending some of … Continue reading

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage: Boxy Colonial’s Cross Country Road Trip

We’re off on our big ol’ cross country road trip! You can follow along on the travel blog for weekly updates and in depth posts about the non-house/architecture stuff we see, but here I’m going to do some posts about historic houses and assorted other cool old buildings along the way. We had a quick overnight stop in Nashville with … Continue reading

What’s Going on Here Lately + Looking Ahead to the Summer in Blogging

Post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! (if you buy something after clicking on an affiliate link, I make a little money, and the cost to you is the same) I don’t know if you all realized this or not, but we’re leaving in less than two weeks on our ginormous, cross-country, summer RV road trip ! Ack! We started planning this … Continue reading

Drayton Hall in Charleston, SC

You can’t throw a rock without hitting a plantation or other historic home in Charleston. So when I was planning our itinerary for our Spring Break trip, I didn’t want us to tour just any old historic homes. I wanted the best ones and, in particular, the ones with something a little….different about them. I ended up settling on Mcleod … Continue reading

Cozy, Eclectic, Vintage, Brady Bunch Den (or Family Room, if you will) Reveal

Our den does not actually look anything at all like the Brady Bunch family room. But I mentioned in a planning post way back a long time ago (umm. TWO YEARS AGO. Damn, I’m slow) that the Brady Bunch family room was my inspiration for the general feel I was going for in the space and for how I envisioned … Continue reading

House-related Plans for 2017

For the past several years, I’ve always done a list of goals for house projects we wanted to finish over the course of the year. This year I’m going to do a similar list, but I’m calling them plans instead of goals. It’s a relatively minor distinction, but one that reflects where we are with our lives and our house … Continue reading

Looking Back at 2016 (and a Christmas Recap)

Round about this time of year, I usually do a whole bunch of different Christmas and New Year’s type posts: a Christmas recap, one looking at favorite projects from the past year, another about how we did on our goal list for the year, another about a new goal list for the year to come…. But we went out of … Continue reading

My Fujifilm X-T10 : A Very Non-technical Review

It’s been around ten months, I think, since I upgraded my camera from a Canon Rebel T3i to the mirrorless Fujifilm X-T10, so I thought it was about time I said what I think about it. I love it. Very much. I’d had my Rebel for about three years (and it was an upgrade from another Rebel before that). I … Continue reading