Dining room chair fabric: chosen and ordered!

We’re about to go ride a big ferris wheel with the cousins, but I’m popping in right quick first to reveal my fabric pick for our new dining room chairs. It is, umm….none of the ones I asked everyone to vote on awhile back. I was not being purposely deceptive; I really thought I was going to pick one of those…but I found myself getting less excited about them instead of more excited the more I looked at them, which is not the direction one wants things to be going in.

And, then, sometimes you stumble across just the right fabric almost by accident. And then you’re all, “well of course  I need some kind of blue floral with squirrels on it for my chairs. Duh. Why didn’t I realize that before?!”

I ordered this last night:



Pink Chalk Fabrics


It’s laminated cotton, so I’m hoping (because this is what the internet tells me is true) that this will mean easy to clean but without quite as much….crispy shininess as oilcloth.


Dining room chair fabric: chosen and ordered! — 22 Comments

  1. There is no way you didn’t have that fabric up your sleeve already!! I mean when you google fabric for Gretchen this pops up. Smooth Boxy Colonial! 🙂

  2. WOW – how gorgeous – love love love the color
    ( hate squirrels – they traumatized me for the last 2 years LMHO )
    and if you hadn’t mentioned them – I wouldn’t have even noticed them
    ( I think I block them out completely )
    BUT I’m loving them on your fabric !!!
    These chairs are going to be over the top beautiful!

    • LOL! well, it’s good to know that even people who are traumatized by squirrels will be able to sit in my chairs 😉

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