Doggifying the Library

I accidentally took last week off from blogging, but I’ve been doing crazy things like buying paint samples and hanging pictures over the weekend, getting ready to bring you TWO exciting posts this week!

It’s been a couple of months now since we hung up our sheet music holding Ikea Trones shelves in the library, and they’re working great as a storage solution so far. Even Abe has his own compartment for his Music Together books. But things were looking a little bare above them:

Ikea hack: sheet music/music book holder from Ikea Trones shoe storage shelves

Until today!


Because nothing says “here’s the sheet music!” like pictures of dogs, right?!

Or, well, anyway…I thought they went nicely in the room and in that space.

Traditionally, I tend to be drawn to mutts of indeterminate ancestry when it comes to dogs, but it just so happens that our current batch of dogs are all either purebred or close enough replicas that I could find pictures on Etsy that look like them. (Even though they’re all rescue dogs. People dump purebred dogs at shelters, too). So all of these prints are from Etsy, and they all look enough like their actual dog counterparts in our house that Abe can tell which is which. It’d be nice to have custom drawings or paintings done of all the dogs at some point (check out these amazing plates Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design has with her cats on them, for example)….but I’m happy with these for now.

I bought the Beagle print from DawgArt (Etsy shop name is Dawgpainter) back when we first adopted Fiesta, and it was hanging in the library before at some point. Then the kids bought me the Jack Russell to go along with it when we adopted Rory, from etsy shop DogArtStudio. That one sat, all sad and unframed, for a good long time before we finally hung it here. All of these are in Ikea Ribba frames, by the way. And I didn’t realize that I bought a gray frame instead of a black one for the Jack Russell until I had it home and was putting the print in it. Oops. And oh well. Close enough! And the last one is the Scottie (like my Fergus!) from Etsy shop HangingtheMoonShelby.

Now I’ll have to do the cats somewhere! (Ari actually has an orange tabby print up in his room that looks like our kitty, Gavroche. I need to do an Ari’s room update post sometime soon).


And here are the real life dogs:

Fiesta the Beagle:


Rory the Jack Russell(?) Terrier (back when he badly needed a haircut. He’s usually not this shaggy):


And Fergus the Scottie:


Somehow I had it in my head that there was going to be room in this spot for all three dogs AND another big print that I’ve been trying to find a place for. But there clearly isn’t. And this has set a chain reaction in motion which, if all goes as planned, will lead to a painted hallway before much time has passed. More on that later in the week!


Doggifying the Library — 15 Comments

    • It really does :). I actually have a similar thing going on with a Jack Russell and a Scottie in my master bath (only with vintage illustrations instead of modern prints)….but I couldn’t find a beagle one I liked for up there.

  1. I would like to steal all three of your dogs, please! Do all three get along with the cats? I’m making a list of breeds we can consider that won’t terrorize our cats (though ultimately we’ll go the shelter route too, so we’re sort of at the mercy of what we find).

    • Define “get along” ;). The Beagle ignores the cats unless she’s looking for someone warm to cuddle with. The cats and the terriers have the sort of relationship where the cats taunt them and then they chase the cats. I think it’s all fairly friendly, and, if not, the cats have a cat door to escape to the basement. Terriers have a bad reputation with cats, but 4 of the 6 dogs I’ve had as an adult have been terriers or terrier mixes, and they’ve always been fine. These three were all fosters first, so we knew what we were getting before we decided to keep them. It’s so much harder to find dogs up there, though! Which is a great thing for the dogs, of course. We foster occasionally for a group that takes dogs from shelters here and transports them to shelters in Maine and Mass…and then they post pictures of people lined up outside the shelter when the dogs get there to adopt them.

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