Eclectic Gallery Wall, Heavy on the Vintage: A Den Update

It’s Wednesday already! How did this happen?! The weekend kind of got away from me…probably because of all the SNOW! I know the mid-Atlantic part of Jonas got most of the attention last weekend, but just look what happened here in Georgia:

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Look at all that snow! Can you even believe it?!

Okay, there wasn’t much snow here. But we decided to pretend like it was a real snow day anyway, so we just kind of did….nothing for much of the weekend. Like I didn’t even manage to take pictures of our already finished gallery wall. But then I did yesterday, so here you go:


This is very much a work in progress kind of post. The pictures end abruptly in the middle of the wall, for one thing, because the plan is there will be shelves under there. And that green shelf you see off to the side will be gone. And I’d like to have the gallery wrap around the corner (along with the shelf), but I need to collect some more stuff to hang first. Before we started hanging pictures it seemed like there were SO MANY.

Incidentally, I’m still trying to decide how to finish the still hypothetical shelf in that corner. White, to brighten things up? Or stained wood to fit in more with the rest of the room?

Another issue here is that I don’t know how to deal with the side of the fireplace where the TV is. That TV isn’t even very big (and we’d like to get a slightly bigger one at some point. My eyes don’t like the TV being so small now that I’m so OLD), but there’s no room to hang anything on either side of it, and all we could do above it with the pictures we had to work with was kind of hang them in a row. So I think I’m going to hunt for some smaller pictures, so that I can break up that row up there with a grouping of smaller stuff.

Here’s the thing we bought to mount the TV on the wall, by the way (affiliate link).

But I AM happy with the other side of the fireplace:


A lot of these are old oil paintings I’ve picked up at thrift stores over the past few years. Along with some prints, and some old needlepoints, and then that big one with the barn in it is one my grandmother painted. You can see in the picture up top that we moved the sad Pilgrims in here from the dining room. I stuck up a big print I have in its place, but that’s only a temporary solution. The dining room is due for a some pretty big changes. Sometime.

I’m also very pleased with this beagle:


She was sitting in the library looking so adorable that I had to take a picture of her (that sheet is the top sheet from a set I picked up at the thrift store for Abe’s bed in the travel trailer. We only use the fitted sheets on their beds out there. And inside, too, really).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back out to play in the snow. Not really. All the snow was gone by noon.



Eclectic Gallery Wall, Heavy on the Vintage: A Den Update — 15 Comments

  1. Gretchen, this is amazing!!!!! I love the vintage art on the dark blue – absolutely stunning! And the fireplace and moldings look so amazing and classic painted the same color as the walls!!!

  2. That gallery is just gorgeous!!! I love the tones and how the colors bounce off the dark walls! Everything a cozy and rich room should be! Well done pal! Nicole xo

    • She could! She had 8 kids and 11 grandkids, but fortunately there were enough paintings to go around, and we have two of them 🙂

    • Well, when it takes you THREE YEARS to get around to doing a gallery wall, you have a lot of time to find good stuff for it 😉

  3. What a lovely room! I think adding a white shelf would make the shelf the focal point of the room, which would be a shame when there’s so much nice art to focus on. Stained wood would not draw the eye. But you’ve got good taste so I’m sure it will look very nice.

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