Five Favorite Projects from 2015

I went back and looked at last year’s analogous post, and I did ten projects for that one. Well. 2015 was the year of quality over quantity. Let’s just say. It was a hectic year for non-house stuff for sure, but we did get some biggish projects finished that I’m proud of. In no particular order:

Our Master Bathroom:


Okay, this one is in a particular order. Finally finishing our master bathroom definitely tops the list; it was both our most ambitious project and the one we’re the happiest about. And half the plants in there are still alive! Look for “buy fake plants” on next year’s to-do list ;).

black and white master bath with red rug

See the full reveal here.

Dave’s Office:

neutral office space makeover

I feel like this one kind of slipped in under the radar. Mostly because usually when we do a whole room makeover, I talk about it for a hundred years and a hundred posts both before and after….but this one I was just like, “surprise! We have a new office!” It was a sponsored post, so the timing had to work that way (the photos were due way before the post, so I had to finish the project and then just sit on it for a couple of months). It also wasn’t a room with many DIY projects, so once I’d already shown off the finished room, there wasn’t much reason to revisit it for smaller, tutorial posts. But I remain really pleased with how it turned out as well as grateful for the good timing on getting to work with Sauder on the furniture.

See the full reveal here.

Copper Shelves:

Ah! I’m still so happy we finally got these up and the weird, dangerous, awkwardly placed cabinet down. So far the copper is holding up well, and I like my kitchen about 198% more now than before:

kitchen with copper shelving

More about the shelves here.

Birch Plywood Table:

This one’s from way back in January and was one of the last projects for our basement room. I think it’s my favorite thing Dave has ever built.  Info and plans here.

Abe’s Bison Curtains:

We’re still working (slowly) on Abe’s room; maybe next year we’ll have a finished room to put on the 2016 list, but for this year I’m going with his bison curtains. Full post here.

Next time I’ll take a look at the list of goals we made this time last year and see how things turned out.


Five Favorite Projects from 2015 — 10 Comments

  1. I do feel that the master bath should count for at least five projects all by itself. It’s Big. And it was Complicated. And wildly successful.
    I still want to steal Abe’s bison curtains and make a dress out of them. Except up in the sewing room I’ve got more black and white prints waiting for me than I can remember.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

    • I do, too! I’m especially smitten with this particular birch plywood; there might be some in every room of the house before long….

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