A-frame Cottage Tour, Part 2: The Bedrooms

A-frame exterior

Way back in July of last year, I posted photos of the first floor of my mom’s house and promised there would be more to come. Then, last month, I posted about the house on Hometalk, and it was a big hit and people said a lot of nice things. This was lovely and gratifying, for both my mom and me, but it also meant that lots of people kept asking me when they would see MORE. The pressure!

So I started pestering my poor mother relentlessly to get the upstairs bedrooms ready for me to come take pictures of, and she DID, and here you go!

To recap a bit for those who haven’t read the first post, this is the house I grew up in, and my Dad and grandfather built it themselves. Now my Mom and stepfather and several dogs (their own plus assorted foster dogs (the foster dogs are with Cockers & More rescue, which is mostly who we foster for, too) live there.

Last post I got a of questions about sources of various furniture, etc….the answer is nearly always that things came from my mom’s shop, A Classy Flea. Which means that, sadly, you probably won’t be able to find a duplicate easily. But you should stop by and find your own amazing things if you live in the Atlanta area; they always have fabulous stuff there, and the prices are great.

Okay! I took too many pictures! Here they are!

To orient you….today I’m showing you the whole upstairs, which has two bedrooms, one at the front of the house and one at the back; in between there’s a hallway with a laundry nook and a bathroom off of it. The bedroom in the front of the house was originally open space all the way up to the roof–part of the great room below. At some point they needed the extra space and finished it off. Right now these are the only two bedrooms in the house. Originally there were two small bedrooms downstairs and one bigger one (the current master) upstairs; today one of those smaller rooms has been opened up to the kitchen and is used as a den, and the other is being used as an office.

The staircase is tucked in behind the fireplace in the living room; you come up it and end up in the hallway with the bedroom in the front of the house to your left. We’ll go there first.

This is a guest room/my kids’ room for when they visit, although, truthfully, they haven’t spent the night here in quite awhile. My older kids are a little old for it and Abe….well. Once Abe learns to stop waking us up every night, then maybe he can go have a fun sleepover with his grandmother in his adorable little bedroom there. Sigh. It’s got a seaside/Nantucket theme going on, and it might be my favorite room in the house (I’m quite partial to kid rooms. And to oceans).

Kids' Nantucket themed room



Nantucket room with sailboat bed

old oars on wall

ocean themed vignette on dresser

Nantucket kids' room with antique bed

old mantel and dog print in kids' seaside room

nightstand with sailboat

kids' sailboat bed and nautical bedding

sailboat quilt

detail on kids' sailboat bedkids' Nantucket bedroom or nursery

sailboat dresser toddler bed in nautical nursery

mom with Abe rocking chair and seaside print in kids' Nantucket room

old bird print on chippy shelf

Phew! That was a lot of pictures! And there’s so much more! Actually, I think I took the most of the kids’ room because, as I mentioned, love this room, and because the light was the nicest in here. But let’s take a quick look at the hallway now:

hallway in A-frame cottage vignette in A-frame hallway with Happiness sign

…and then take a look at the bathroom up here. The house has two pretty small bathrooms–this one up here (remember there was only one bedroom up here originally, so this is the master bath), and a smaller one downstairs.

A-frame bathroom cabinet in A-frame bathroom vanity in A-frame bathroom small cabinet in bathroom

And now on to the master bedroom! Rosie the Pomeranian was hanging out on the bed. My mom adopted then 14 year old Rosie from the shelter after her owners turned her in :(. Three years later, she’s still going strong, and, my mother reports, is “the best dog ever.”

Rosie the Pomeranian #rescuedog

bed in A-frame master bedroom bed with Rosie the Pomeranian

french bedroom in A-frame cottage

vanity in A-frame master bedroom french armchair

dresser in A-frame cottage dresser vignette

bedside table in A-frame cottage dog bookends bedside table in french country bedroom

artwork for french bedroom

And there you have it! Part 2 of a tour that will, eventually (no promises on when!) be a 4 part tour. We still have the bathroom and office downstairs and then the screen porch coming up soon(ish).

Take a tour of the bedrooms of the this lovely French County A-frame cottage, with Nantucket or seaside kids' room and French master bedroom and bath


A-frame Cottage Tour, Part 2: The Bedrooms — 32 Comments

  1. I loved it when I saw it last summer and I loved it today!! Her house is gorgeous…every last detail! And what a treat to grow up in such a magical place! I see where you get your whimsy from!! Such a treat friend!!! Nicole xo

  2. I think your mom is awesome for taking in Rosie. What kind of jerks would turn in their 14 year old poor dog. Shame on them. Some people are such losers.
    And it is the most charming and magical house. I love it!

    • When one is elderly or perhaps in hospice, one cannot always take care of a loved pet. It obviously had been well taken care of if it was “the best pet ever”. Who knows what the circumstances were. It is not easy to find another home for a pet if you can no longer care for it if you become seriously ill.

      • I think there are always alternatives to dumping a senior dog at a shelter, where it has very little chance of getting adopted and will likely spend its last weeks alone and terrified before being euthanized. I do think a lot of people just don’t understand the odds dogs at shelters in much of the country are facing and perhaps believe or at least want to believe that they’re giving dogs a good chance by taking them there.

  3. I love the whole house!!!!!!! There used to be an a-frame house next door to us that looked just like this on the outside. The man tat used to own it gutted it and then completely remodeled it, adding dormer windows, etc. We live on Lake Bowen near Spartanburg, SC and. Would love to be able just to pick up your Mom’s house and pluck it down here!!!!

  4. This home is magical…inside and out. Love all of the little tchotchkes. I noticed everyone because I am so into details. Can’t wait to see the rest of it. It’s such a happy little home!

  5. I love your mother’s decorating style. Everything goes together beautifully. I also viewed your part 1 post and I’m completely in love! I do have one question, Can you tell me who the artist is or where your mother purchased the dog picture over the stone fire place? I just love it! I would love to know where she got it. Thanks for another great post. Looking forward to the remaining post on your mother’s A-Frame Cottage.

    • Thanks, Shari! If I remember right, that one actually came from TJ Maxx or Homegoods, but it was several years ago now. I’ll ask her and make sure!

    • Thanks! We only live a few minutes away, so they usually prefer to visit for awhile and then sleep in their own beds; all kids are different, I guess 🙂

  6. Hi Gretchen,
    I just stumbled upon your blog because I was googling A-frames. I know this is a bit strange but I have a question to ask you. My hubby and I live in WI and he has just finished cancer treatment and has a few months of recovery ahead of him. We are looking to downsize. Our first little house was an a-frame-(40 years ago! wow how did I get this old) and I am just drawn to go back to one. Do you have any idea where your mom purchased the plans for the house? I am really dreading leaving my home on the bay but I know that, in light of what is happening in our lives, I am going to have to do that. Looking forward to maybe building an Aframe again would give me something to look forward to. Your mom’s taste and mine are very similar.
    Thanks so much for any information you might be willing to share.
    I do have a blog, too, that has been on hold-except for updates about hubby’s health.
    Hugs- Diana

    • Hi–sorry for the delayed response; this went to my spam folder by accident! Unfortunately, I don’t have any helpful information to share….my Dad built the house over 40 years ago now, and the plans (and memories about where they came from) are long since gone. Sorry! Best of luck in your downsizing journey 🙂

  7. Beautiful home! My question is regarding the paint colors upstairs. It kind of looks two tone or is that because of the chair rail? Also can you tell me what the color is? It looks very warm and inviting. I can’t wait to see the rest…thank you so much for sharing ❤

  8. Umm, when can I come for a weekend???? I might not ever leave. I love my home, but an “enchanted” little a frame in the forest is my guilty pleasure, and where I think I’ll end up as I get older, and want to downsize. Thanks so much for sharing, and allowing me to dream a little!

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