Framed Vintage Christmas Sheet Music

I think this is the week when I’m supposed to show you my Thanksgiving table. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, but my table’s going to look pretty much how it looked last year and the year before that, so you don’t get a new post about that. It will look pretty much like this, only with different chairs:

So instead I’m popping in with a quick post about a quick Christmas project for the foyer, and it can also serve as a preview of my full Christmas tour that will be up next week (next week?! Wow. I should get working on that).

frame vintage Christmas Carol sheet music for simple holiday decorating

You might remember that these frames were holding prints of vintage horror movie posters for Halloween. I thought that maybe Dracula and the invading Saucer Men might not set quite the right tone for Christmas, though, so I looked around for something a little more festive to go in the frames.

My search led me to this roundup of Christmas music printables at Remodelaholic, which led me to this awesome collection of old Christmas Carols.

I always print stuff like this on photo paper and set the quality to high, and it turns out really nicely. And I “matted” the music by mounting it on black cardstock.

That feather wreath (affiliate link) is actually one I ordered from Target for Halloween, intending to hang it on the front door. But then it turned out to be way tinier than I expected. I kept meaning to return, but then it sat around in the foyer for so long I got kind of attached to it, and eventually I realized it could work its way into our Christmas decorating instead.

The rolls of sheet music are also recycled from our Decomposing Composers Halloween theme. And everything else you see was already here….vintage ornaments, my little brass mouse collection, a few Dickens volumes from a set I got from my grandparents, and my beloved ceramic elves.

vintage Christmas carol sheet music printables

And with that, I’m off to hang out with family and eat a lot for the next few days. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

decorate for Christmas with printable vintage sheet music with Christmas carols. Source for great free printable at Boxy Colonial



Framed Vintage Christmas Sheet Music — 4 Comments

  1. The brass mice! My brass snail just doesn’t have the same Christmassy feeling. The elves are the very same elves that I have in the basement, only mine are painted. (White was not a thing in the early 60s.) And the sheet music makes me think about some I have that is very pretty and I never actually liked the new-fangled songs.
    My Thanksgiving table will be the same as last year including the chairs. Thanksgiving is supposed to be traditional.

  2. Love the framed sheet music. Makes me think back of when I was a kid and had to play Christmas music with my flute for my parents. It’s a nice memory but I hated it back then LOL

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