Guest Post at Number Fifty-three

Because I am in the middle of some kind of lucky streak lately (I need to go out and by some lottery tickets immediately, before it wears off), I was asked to a guest post on yet another of my very favorite blogs this week. I’m over at Number Fifty-three as part of Angela’s “Inspiring Bloggers” series. I don’t always feel terribly inspiring, but one thing I’ve learned about blogging is that if someone says, “do you want to come and inspire people on my blog?” you say “Absolutely I do” immediately (Office reference there. I think it makes my references less cool when I point them out. Sorry) and then you fake it as best you can ;).

Truthfully, Angela’s the one who inspires me. She’s the one who inspired my brass candlestick collection, for example:



So anyway–thanks so much to Angela for having me, and please hop over and say hello if you get a chance!


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