Halloween Pics and Fall in Love week is HERE!

Our weekend was busy and fun and productive, and it always makes me happy when we hit on all of those things. Well, I mean, not busy is nice, too, every once in awhile. Maybe we can have one of those NEXT weekend. And then probably not again until after Christmas.

On Halloween, I came downstairs to find Milo and Gus hard at work on “trading charts” to use that night for Halloween candy swapping:


We kicked off trick-or-treating with a visit to an assisted living place with our homeschool group, and we all had a really fun time (and I think the residents did, too). It was a nice, gentle intro to trick-or-treating for Abe.

The dogs didn’t get to do any TOTing, but I made Fiesta wear her Halloween dress anyway:


Then everyone costumed up for our neighborhood’s Halloween parade and a party/more trick-or-treating at a friend’s house (where there was MUCH candy trading, so the time spent making charts did not go to waste).

You’ve seen Gus’s costume already. Rusl from Zelda:


Milo recycled last year’s Tenth Doctor costume, adding in the 3D glasses (and my shoes this year, because we have the same size feet):


Ari was….Scott. No one really knows who Scott is, but Ari insisted that’s who he was dressed up as, and he made a tag that read, “Scott” and attached it to his hat:


Abe was a kitty. I thought about painting his nose black, but I decided I should be happy that he was willing to wear the costume without complaint and not push my luck. Georgia Halloweens are tricky, because it could be either 80 or 40, but you have to pick out the costume way before you know which it will be. Turns out it was 40 and was sleeting by the end of the evening, so thick fleece cat costume was a wise pick:

halloween02s halloween03s

And the group picture:


And then Saturday night was our neighborhood’s annual barbecue, so another late night! And in between all that we worked on the basement and fit in a trip to Ikea. Now we are tired.

But we’re also excited to show you the basement (on Thursday; I’m no dummy–I picked the very last day possible for my reveal day) AND to see what everyone else has been up to. Here’s the schedule; it’s going to be a fun week!


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  1. I feel like KY halloweens are that way too — each costume has to have a “layer-up” and “layer-down” plan — for whether you are sweating or shivering. Abe’s a cutey in his cat costume! Can’t wait to check out the room reveals 🙂

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