Hallway Light Options and Random Stuff

I keep meaning to do more random stuff that’s not big enough for its own post kind of posts. But then I don’t. But, look! Now I am! Hooray!

Hallway Light Options

I mentioned the other day that we’re planning to replace the old light in the hallway:


The one that’s there now isn’t the one the house came with. That one, if I remember right, was your standard shiny brass 80’s vintage boob light. And then I bought this one from Home Depot and painted a stripe on it awhile back, in attempt to get all Schoolhouse Electric on the cheap. Only the paint came out crooked, and it’s driven me crazy ever since. Plus I don’t really want the purple anymore (since I DIDN’T go with dark purple for the hallway). And also I’d like something with at least two bulbs since that hallway doesn’t get much light.

I have a couple of contenders so far. This one is the sort of thing I figured I’d end up with, because, you know….gold. It’s very pretty. It might be too big (I have yet to get up there with a tape measure and try to think the whole scale issue through, but this one’s 17 inches across, which sounds big. But the description specifically mentions hallways, so….):


But then I found this one, and I’m kind of loving it for this hallway. It’s also way cheaper ($90 vs $150).


Thoughts? The other advantage (aside from price) of the Lowes one is that I could go get it and install it this very weekend! I’m big on instant gratification.

The Other Blog

Despite my fears when I started, I’ve done a decent job of keeping up with two whole blogs at once. It’s sort of like trying to make sure all of my kids are getting enough attention. Anyway, I’ve got posts up there about our trips to Nashville, Savannah, and Birmingham, as well as some other general travel and RV related stuff. Check it out if that sounds interesting to you (there’s also a tab up on the top menu that will take you over there.


Dollhouse Therapy:

I tried to talk about this on Facebook, but it appears that only (for real) three people saw the post. Seriously, Facebook? Anyway, my friends Cassie from Primitive and Proper and Anu from Nalle’s House (along with a few other bloggers) are doing a dollhouse decorating challenge this spring and I am ridiculously, embarrassingly excited about it, because I love tiny things. Like dollhouse furniture. Just for example. Also puppies.



I actually have a half-finished dollhouse in my basement, that we bought for Gus when he was seven and never finished. So, you know….hmm. The kids are kind of into the idea of working on it with me and doing bizarro themed rooms. I sort of just want to make it pretty, but I could always do bizarro themed room one for now (a replica of the great green room from “Goodnight Moon” is being tossed around for the attic) and redecorate when they’re over it. I want a Haunted Mansion dining room, I think. But, I mean, I also want an organized garage, and you can’t have everything, so we’ll see.

And that’s all I have for now! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Hallway Light Options and Random Stuff — 7 Comments

  1. can’t have everything, what? of course you can! 😉 kidding- i get it. it’s a struggle. and i like both light options- i am with you on instant gratification and would go with that one and if you bring it home, hold it up, and hate it you can order the other one. right? thank you SOOOOO much for sharing our challenge! and maybe just maybe making a dent in your dollhouse along the way….

  2. I vote instant gratification, which is always my inclination, but also I looked at the more expensive one and said “Meh” and at the Lowe’s one and said “Oh, cool!” And as Cassie says, you can always change your mind, thus getting as close as possible to having everything.
    I love your other blog. You are so lucky to have photogenic children at hand.
    I am not much into dollhouses, though I will certainly look at them with interest. If I’m going to use my fingers for tiny fiddly stuff it will be crochet or embroidery.

    • Yeah, the Lowes one is definitely different….I really like the more expensive one, but it looks like a lot of stuff that’s out there these days. And thank you!

    • I don’t think I looked there for the hallway in particular, but I’ve looked at their stuff before–so much good stuff! Not to worry, I have so many future light fixture changes in my future 😉

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