Hallway Painted: The Winner Is….


Revere Pewter!

(I didn’t really watch the Oscars, because I don’t make it to the movies so much anymore and also I don’t have cable. But I hear that that Leonardo DiCaprio won, and everyone was like “finally,” but I would like to submit for your consideration this statistical analysis of whether he really was the one who was next in line for a long overdue Oscar. I used to love the Oscars. Incidentally. Back when I worked at a movie theater and saw all the movies).

There are a few reasons for Revere Pewter’s victory. Mostly I was impressed with how it gained a bunch of weight and endured agonizingly cold temperatures in order to get the part.

But, for real: I woke up Saturday morning, hallway painting day, STILL not sure which color I was going to pick. I was a little surprised by how much support Hale Navy had when I posted asking for advice. But I think it was Kim from Newly Woodwards comment that really made an impression on me: “I think I prefer revere. I fear that if you go dark there, it doesn’t have the same “wow” in the den. I sort of like that it’s a wow effect when you enter the room. (At least I imagine this, since I’ve never actually “entered” the room.)”

Good point.

There were other reasons, too. The main reason I decided to paint the hallway right now at all was because we wanted to hang this print up in there:


This signed Hatch Show print was included with the Dave’s 40th birthday present VIP Jason Isbell at the Ryman tickets that I bought last fall when we went to Nashville. And I could picture it against a neutral backdrop like the Revere Pewter a lot more readily than against Hale Navy.

Although it also kind of got me thinking about (while I was painting. Painting gives you a lot of time to think) the different audiences houses have and the different contexts in which people see my house. Kim mentioned choosing a color based on the effect that color choice on a first time visitor to a house. And that resonated with me, and I think maybe that’s kind of what many/most of us have in the back of our heads as we make these decisions: first impressions. But, of course, it just doesn’t happen that often that someone shows up and sees my house for the very first time, walking from room to room.

My house’s most frequent audience is, well….us. Our family. We see it every single day, so ultimately what we like best is what matters most. And then there are frequent visitors who will be all, “oh, look–you painted the hallway!”

And, in the case of my particular house, way more people on the internet see my house than do people in real life. I just don’t know that many people. And those people are mostly seeing rooms in isolation, which is a totally different experience than walking through a house from room to room.

So. I don’t know that I’m going anywhere in particular with all of that, really. I just thought it was interesting. Perspective.

Anyway, I picked Revere Pewter. And I’m SO happy my hallway isn’t yellow anymore. Painting a tiny hallway is highly satisfying. Two hours and, bam! you’re done! All that’s left to do is hang up your Jason Isbell poster and sit around wondering why you didn’t paint your yellow hallway earlier.





Still left to do: Light fixture. This is a definite. I have some options in mind, and I might do a quick post about them later this week.

I’d also like to get a runner, but I don’t know that it’s an emergency. I might just wait and see if one turns up.

I go back and forth on whether to look for a small cabinet for the end of the hallway, under the poster.

Some framed family vacation photos on the walls, I’m thinking.

And while we’re doing stuff in here, we might go ahead and get new doorknobs and outlet covers and whatnot. It’s such a small space that it wouldn’t cost much to do.



Hallway Painted: The Winner Is…. — 14 Comments

  1. Great choice – I’m a big fan of that color. I think that was a good point Kim made about the navy, to let it shine in one room so it really is a statement. I love a small room too, so satisfying!

  2. It looks beautiful! One other thing you could do is spray paint the doorbell cover white. I’ve done that with my recessed light flanges and vent covers and it makes such a difference!

    • We thought of that–it’s definitely sticking out now that the rest of the yellow is gone! I still need to get up there and see how to get it off the wall 🙂

  3. I like it. The poster really shows up well. As far as a runner, if it’s meant to have one, it will show up. I’m not favoring a cabinet under the poster, because if I put one in that corner it would be Bump City, but you all may be better coordinated.

    • You know, that’s what Dave says, too, but I kind of feel like if you run into a cabinet there you were already about half a second away from running into the wall :). But, really, it would stick out more and people might stub toes on it going in and out of the bathroom.

  4. Looks awesome! Perfect choice in color and sets off the art nicely!

    Also…when you find a new light, feel free to send me your old one…I might have a slight obsession with schoolhouse lights …heeheee !

    • thank you! And the thing about that light that drives me crazy is that I painted the stripe on it myself, but I did a crappy job and it’s all crooked! I also want something with 2 bulbs instead of one since it’s such a dark space.

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