Happy Birthday Banner and Party Preview


Hey–it’s finally party day for 1 year and 2 week old Abe! I’ll have more pictures once said party has actually happened, but for now here’s a quick preview of the decorations.

I decided to go with an Abe Lincoln theme, figuring this is likely the only time I’ll be able to get away with that before toddler opinions set in. And, for the first time ever, I made a birthday banner!



I cut out the triangles from brown cardstock, then finally found a use for the circle punch I bought to make Abe’s mobile with and cut out those circles. The font is actually called “Abraham Lincoln” so I had to use it. And I tried to get those black circles around the letters before I printed, but I’m more or less useless at such things, so I didn’t. But then I was all, “hey, printer: you’re not the only thing that can make black circles! My sharpie can, too!” So I made circles with a sharpie like in olden times. That black and white jute I bought back before Christmas because I saw it at the store and thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I’m very affected by….string. And there you go: story of a birthday banner.

Here it his above the cabinet in the sunroom:


It’s easier to decorate for your baby’s Abe Lincoln party when you happen to have a few dozen books about Lincoln lying around. Also, squirrels. Because log cabin. And (obscure reference alert!) Abe Lincoln’s imaginary friend in his Value Tale is a squirrel:


The wooden squirrel is from Target. The brass one was an ebay impulse buy awhile back. The fox is also from Target; he is actually supposed to be a wine stopper, but the cork part fell off the second time we used it.

We picked up this Lincoln Vinylmation guy at Disney World last summer. We had to:


And I bought a cupcake stand!


This evening there will be cupcakes on it.

The decor is a little more grown-up and less colorful than it will be for future Abe birthdays, I’m guessing. But I’m pretty sure Abe is just in it for the cupcake, so I think it will be okay.

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    • I was exaggerating a little with “dozens.” I think I meant more like, “the four you see here” ;). I can’t resist picking up any I see at the thrift store, though!

    • The Vinylmation was even more expensive than most of them because it was a Special! Edition or whatever…Dave thought it was ridiculous to buy it, but, I mean…I HAD to 🙂

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