Home Decorators’ Tollan Rug: A Tiny Master Bath Update

We’re mostly still working on Abe’s new room this week, but I also have a couple of small bathroom updates to share. My small bathroom updates have me itching to make some more progress in there and start seeing things come together. So fingers crossed for a another snow week so Dave will be home to help! Just kidding. I think summer break is going to be canceled if there are any more snow days this year.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, and as you probably already knew, slate is really cold. And our bathroom was cold even before we put slate in it, so now it was not just cold but REALLY cold. And it’s the coldest winter in Georgia in like 50 years on top of that! We’re so smart and have such awesome timing.

One of the last things I did before the big ice storm hit was to order the Tollan area rug from Home Decorators Collection. Rugs are all 20% off until the end of the month plus when I ordered they were having a $30 off $150 or more sale, so the rug was more or less free. Well. It was marked down to $191 and then $30 off of that for the 4×6 rug I ordered.  Then it sat at the UPS warehouse right in my town for days while I watched helplessly online, because the storm delayed everything so much. But it finally turned up at about nine on Tuesday night, just as I was giving up hope for the day.

And here it is!

rug-et-al4 rug-et-al3


I really like the colors and the pattern. I wish it were 100 years old and worn down all smooth and soft, but you can’t have everything. It’s wool, which is a risky choice in this house, but this is one room that doesn’t see dogs and cats very often, so it should be okay.

I was thinking one more rug, but I’m not in a hurry for that…..I may do a small one in front of the tub if/when I find the right one. I don’t want to cover up too much of the tile we worked so hard on, though!

And one more thing….I found this little brass plant stand for $19 at the thrift store the other day:





I hesitated because plant stands that are full of glass and look like ladders and one year olds don’t really mix well. But I circled around the store and came back, and it was still there, so I had to get it. And then it occurred to me that it, too, could hang out in this largely kidless and petless room! Soon this room will be filled with nothing but wool and glass! But I think if you put that rug and that plant stand together and then throw in some vintage whimsy somewhere, you have pretty much what I’m going for in this room.

Also, because it’s not enough for its own post, but I’m pretty excited about it anyway, I’ll put this in here. I picked up this little high chair for Abe to sit in once he graduates from his Ikea high chair. Whenever we finally get around to painting the kitchen chairs, I’ll do this the same color. I might make a strap for it, or we might just attempt to teach him to sit still and keep an eye on him when he’s in it….but either way it’s cute and a good way to avoid having to strap a booster seat to one of the kitchen chairs, I’m hoping.



And it was $4.84!

And finally: Abe’s toy cabinet is featured this month in DIY Decorating Addict online magazine:


You can buy a subscription through itunes, or use these instructions to download a free sample issue:

These instructions assume that you have IOS 7.0.2 or later on your device.
If not, you may have to update your device. Here are the update steps:
1. Tap the Settings icon on the bottom of your main screen
2. Tap the General button
3. Tap the Software Update button.  If you are up-to-date you will get a
message saying so, else it will ask you to update.

To get the “DIY Decorating Addict” app:
1. On your main screen, tap the Newsstand app
2. Tap the Store button on the bottom right
3. Tap the search box on the upper right and enter “diy decorating addict”
without the quotes.  The magazine “DIY Decorating Addict” should appear.
4. Tap it and you will be asked to download the App.  FYI, the App itself is
free, but the magazine issues are for sale and for subscription within the
app. I have provided a code for you to use for a free issue.
5. After you have downloaded the app, you will see the issues in the app.
6. Tap the subscribe button
7. Tap the current subscribers button
8. Enter “diy1month” without the quotes, in the Account field.  The latest
magazine issue will start downloading.
9. When downloaded, tap the view button and the magazine can be viewed.
10. Swipe horizontally from right to left on the screen to get to the page
that shows “How to use this app?”. This will explain how to navigate through
the entire magazine.

Thanks so much for the feature, Dianne!

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Home Decorators’ Tollan Rug: A Tiny Master Bath Update — 23 Comments

  1. Congratulations on your feature!! That is so exciting. I also love your rug find and the plant stand. I am loving how your bathroom is coming together. Oh the things we could accomplish if our husbands did not have to jet off to work all the time 🙂

    • My primary goal in decorating my house is keeping you on your toes ;). Do you remember the big red oriental rug I had in my old living room (until Oliver peed all over it and ruined it)? It kind of reminds me of that…I have a longstanding love for worn red oriental rugs….I had to settle for an “antique wash” on this one, though.

    • Thanks so much, Heather! I knew I wanted a red rug, but I was excited to find one I like that also had the black to go with the tile 🙂

  2. A huge congrats friend on the feature!!! Way to go! And your little man in that chair..so sweet! That rug is just gorgeous! It highlights your tile beautifully!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. I just landed on your page (LOVE PINTEREST)… anyway… the chair you scored is amazing. We had one for all of our littles… I wouldn’t do a strap, imo, bc the little buggers twist out. It’s easier to teach them to stay. To my knowledge, none of the three ever fell out .LOL

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, and thanks for the thoughts on the high chair strap…I think you’re right; he’s already pretty good at trying to get out of his current high chair–we’re probably better off just waiting until he has enough sense to stay put in the new chair 🙂

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