January in Review



I’ve never done a monthly round up kind of post before, but I thought maybe I would this year, because making collages like that one up there is fun and satisfying. It makes me feel like we were SO PRODUCTIVE! I can come up with  twelve tiny pictures to post! We MUST have been productive! Also, it helps me remember that some things that were not tiling actually happened in January, even if it didn’t feel like it while it was happening.

We started off the year with freshly ripped up carpet and picked out tile for the master bathroomI talked about the new light fixtures in our master bathroom. We finally bought shoe baskets for the foyer and I talked about how the bench is working for us nine months in.

We fostered a new dog for the first time since adopting Rory (and she’s been adopted now; went home with her new family last weekend. Those little poodles go like hotcakes!) We hung up the ikea chairs the kids got for Christmas. We made a cruddy doll bed for Abe for his birthday.

Speaking of that, Abe turned one! And posed for pictures. Then I hung up some plates with paper clips. I talked about our plans for Abe’s new room.

We tiled some more. It snowed!!! And I made a banner for Abe’s birthday party.

Looking ahead to February: we’re hoping to get Abe all settled into his new room, so we’ll be starting work on that this weekend. And with luck we’ll have time to make a bit more progress in the bathroom, too.


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  1. Yea for monthly roundups and collages! Random throw back question, but does your master bath light have a plate at the bottom? Since we are vintage light twins and all, I just realized I could ask. Ours don’t so I wasn’t sure if they were just missing the pieces.

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