The Last Master Bathroom Post Before We Actually Start Doing Stuff in There: Inspiration, etc.

At some point last week I started feeling a little frantic about my bathroom, because, while I had some big sweeping ideas about what we need to do in there, generally speaking, I didn’t really have a vision of it all coming together.

I’m getting closer now.

I’ve been pinning a lot, and here are some themes that have emerged:

1. I like bathroom gallery walls:

bathroom 1Source: Design Sponge

….this works out pretty well for me, because I also have a GIANT empty wall in my bathroom that needs something. I am thinking of all black and white photos, perhaps.

2. I like the idea of either black beadboard or just a black wall:

bathroom 2

Source: Design Sponge again

(oh, look–the first picture has a black wall AND a gallery wall. I guess I really, really like black walled bathrooms). I know I said that I thought beadboard might be too much with the board and batten already in the bedroom next door…but now I feel like black beadboard is SPECIAL and doesn’t count. However, it also sounds like more work and more expensive than just painting. So we’ll see.

3. One of those collections like I’m always talking about:

bathroom 3

Source: Say It Ain’t So

I love vintage planters. I don’t have any, but I could get some. And then I could put plants in them. Hard to kill plants. And they could all live in my bathroom. Like especially that donkey and his pink elephant friend.

Other thoughts:

You know my painted floor, once I rip out the carpet? I like this stencil, only white with black stars:

bathroom 4

Royal Design Studio

So far this is my favorite vanity light, but it’s more than I want to spend:

bathroom 5

Shades of Light

And then we need to make some stuff ourselves, because people love that, right? Also because it’s fun and cheaper than buying stuff.

I need fancy shelves to hold my new planter collection. Maybe kind of like the ones Caitlin at Desert Domicile made?

bathroom 6

Floating shelves tutorial at Desert Domicile

And I want a SUPER fancy light to replace the boob light that’s smack in the middle of the room. I don’t know yet what it will look like. It can’t hang down too low or we (and by “we” I mean “Dave.” Because I’m short) will hit our heads on it. So I’m still thinking, but said light could do a lot worse than looking like this one Kelly from View Along the Way made:

bathroom 7

Capiz Shell Chandelier at View Along the Way

So that’s where I’m at at the moment. Now for the ceremonial ripping up of the nasty carpet! Just as soon as we get a spare minute here.


The Last Master Bathroom Post Before We Actually Start Doing Stuff in There: Inspiration, etc. — 22 Comments

  1. We are on the same wave length! I have that first photo swirling in my head at all times. I painted our half bath grey, and now I hate it. So, I think I am going to repaint it chalkboard and do that type of gallery wall. Love where your bathroom is headed, it’s going to look great!

    • Thanks, Kelly! I remember loving the color of my kitchen chalkboard wall back before anyone wrote on it with actual chalk 🙂

  2. Love your inspiration pictures. That top gallery wall has been on my mind. I want to paint a bird in the middle of canvas. I have been taking pictures of ducks lately, but I don’t have the perfect one yet 🙂 Love your plan 🙂

    • his idea of super affordable is $3/square foot. Probably that’s awesome, but we still have well over 100 square feet to heat in that bathroom, so it adds up fast. is the problem. The other day I was like, “we will spend $200 on this whole bathroom!” …and then I started counting light fixtures and stuff.

  3. Oooo, I love the inspiration! However, since you are a family of boys, I’d suggest avoiding the below pants level artwork…if you know what I mean? (You wouldn’t want it to get ruined or anything) haha 😉

    • ooh, really?! I’d love to see a picture :). Black walls are getting a lot of enthusiastic support; I think I’ll have to go for it!

    • Thanks, Amber–I can’t wait to see it, too–I just wish I could get someone else to do it all while I watch 😉 The kids are old enough to stencil a floor, right?

  4. Love the idea for gallery wall in the bathroom. You’ve solved a problem I’ve been pondering for actual years. The eclectic mix is really awesome. Thanks!

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